01 December 2013

Everyday I Have the Blues

I may not be in the kind of blue funk as musicians Count Basie and Joe Williams, but believe me, I've got the blues alright...the splendid, shiny, sparkling blues! I'm all about earrings, and lustrous blue earrings pair so well with the winter season--especially teardrop earrings. While you're free to drop nearly a grand on these beauties below from Nordstrom, there are plenty of other options, and most you can find under $50.

If you're still set on some bright blues like above, try some alternatives from etsy like these Topaz drops from the etsy shop SilverManiaStudio:

Or these Aquamarine drops from the etsy shop PhaedoraJDesigns:
I think blue can be a very under-appreciated color when it comes to accessories, but it doesn't have to be. There are so many associations we make with the color blue (the sea, the sky, eyes, etc.) that just looking at and wearing a certain shade of blue earrings can drum up a specific mood for you. When I'm wearing mine, I feel very calm because the color blue makes me think of the ocean and the sound of the waves. Even though you can't really see yourself wearing the color, you position yourself a certain way with each color you wear and the connected memories, thoughts, or mindset. 

(Plus, you can wear them with a pair of jeans or your New Year's Eve dress!)

When you wear the color blue, does it churn up anything for you like it does for me? 

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