07 January 2014

"10 Scary Facts About Lyme Disease"

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I found this little infographic via Twitter and wanted to share it because it brings up some important points (although I'm still not sure about #10 and saliva, but you never know because Lyme is so understudied). 
Also, I have no idea why "cause" is repeatedly misspelled, but that's just something that bugs me--it has nothing to do with Lyme disease. 

I've decided not to elaborate on any of these points, really, because I think the conciseness of this graph does a good job explaining the seriousness of Lyme disease and why it's so controversial. However, I do want to say it took me probably longer than three years to receive a diagnosis, and even then, it was a misdiagnosis. 

If you are interested in anything pictured above, or have any questions for me about Lyme disease, feel free to ask! You can leave a comment below for me, or if it's more personal in nature, e-mail me at oneticktobesick@gmail.com 

I am more than happy to answer any question at all--even if you feel it might be silly or sound stupid. No question about health is ever stupid, trust me! 

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