22 April 2014

I'm Not Chopped Liver Yet

It's been extremely challenging to try to write anything for the blog recently, feeling as badly as I do.
We at first thought it was just normal herxing from the recent medications my Lyme doctor had prescribed for the new regimen I'll be undertaking to fight this disease.

However, after many weak, pained, and just crummy days, my doctor called in a fit of hysteria over the weekend while my family and I were gone camping for Easter. Apparently, my liver enzymes were on alert. In fact, they were the highest she had ever seen--not just for me, but for anybody.

Three more blood tests later...and the levels are still the same.

hurt liver

I'm not even going to try to lie and say I'm not worried, because I definitely am, but like my doctor said, I'm so used to feeling crummy it almost hasn't registered with me exactly how bad my body probably really is feeling right now.

Yes, I'm definitely in pain. I can tell that something's not right. But like I said, we just put it off as another herx initially.

So the whole point of this post really is: to explain why I've been away for so long and to maybe sort of kinda ask if you guys would wish me well. I'd really appreciate it, and I'll keep everyone updated as I hopefully get back to blogging regularly soon!

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