05 April 2014

Playlist: "Under the Covers"

This playlist, comprised completely of covers, is one that I had a lot of fun putting together.
I used SoundCloud this time because a lot of these tracks were hard to find elsewhere.

My personal favorites are the first and the last songs, and I just couldn't pass up adding the video to the last song because it adds to the charm.


This original song by Bastille is an easy go-to in my mind when I want something to listen to that I know will uplift my mood. The cover takes the song to even new heights, making it just a little more playful. Plus, how beautiful is Paola Bennet's voice?!

WALK THE MOON sings this song, titled "Maps," originally by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If you've heard the original, you know how heart-wrenching it can be. This version has a happier feel about it, and the clapping just makes me want to tap my fingers or clap along as well.

On the heavier side, we have Halestorm's version of the oh-so-catchy "Get Lucky" tune. Girl does a great job belting this song out!

Finally, I'm leaving you all with a Miley Cyrus cover that I saw a few months ago and listen to every now and then when I'm in the dumps. While not much of a Miley fan, I still caught myself singing this tune once in a while. Now that I've heard the cover by Postmodern Jukebox, though, I'm never going back to the original!

Forget the haters cause somebody loves ya! 

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