23 June 2014

Macabre Monday: Creep Into These Creepy Music Videos!

It wouldn't be Macabre Monday if I didn't give credit to Ms. Kate and her blog, The Minted Beauty. She is the one who began Macabre Mondays, after all! If you haven't already checked out some of her horrific Monday posts, let me go ahead and tell you--the humor and the horror and the handling of material is excellent!

This Macabre Monday post in particular wouldn't have happened (or would have been pretty sparse) had it not been for my boyfriend. I can boast about him and say he is more knowledgeable when it comes to anything music-related than anyone I know, and he is so unbelievably passionate about music that it makes you question your own passions.

So was he up for the task of helping little ol' me find creepy-licious music videos?
Damn straight he was. And because he was, you will find below our--okay, mostly his--compilation of music videos that gave us the creeps! See how far you can make it through any of these.

Aphex Twin- "Come To Daddy" 

From the way it's shot, with point-of-view angles that put you on edge (like a person lurking behind a corner), to the simply weird-faced children, everything in this music video fits perfectly with the music. I would say the images and the music feed off of each other; whenever I hear this song, I can't help but think of the video. Aphex Twin has some pretty unusual music videos--some I would say a little creepier than this, even. But the music--what do you think about the music? I know it's odd, but I actually find the wicked-sounding come to daddy part a little catchy...

Boards of Canada- "Everything You Do Is A Balloon" 

Now, this is a long one for most one of you, but it's worth it to at least watch half of it--I promise!
The old school footage makes it a bit creepy when paired with the music--especially at the beginning. It's uncanny in a way, and you can't help but think the music is a bit haunting. But then...oh boy, THEN. It's like something out of The Twilight Zone. 

Nosaj Thing- "Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)"

This one gives me the chills with the combination of the quick cuts, the point-of-view, and of course, the way the food is laid out--appearing oh-so-similar to that of something we'd see in a serial killer film. The cooking of the steak gets me because it reminds me of seeing people operate on hearts and how they gently lift away at this or that. It's still creepy to me at the end, with what looks like surgical gloves on the hands of the woman cleaning. Everything is just very Hannibal-esque. Would you join this guy for a round of supper?

Steven Wilson- "Index" 

This last one is a real creeper. In all ways. Mannequins are just...yeah. And if you listen to the lyrics, be prepared for the inevitable grimace that will surely make its way onto your face: "If I collected you and put you in a little cage I could take you out and study you every day." Ugh! You'll probably feel a few hairs on the back of your neck stand up as well. Or they might already be there from watching this music video that just gives me the heebie-jeebies. (There are some quick cuts in this video as well and some flashing lights, so if you don't like that or if you have seizures, you might want to stay away.)

Hope you found yourself with goosebumps from at least one of these!
Happy Macabre Monday!

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