21 June 2014

{Widened Horizons}

Getting back into the swing of things with the blog feels nice. Even though I'm in a bit of pain today, I took this Widened Horizons post on as a challenge to have me thinking about something other than the pain. In the process, I found some awesome items that will have you wanting.

Exposed brick seems to be catching on again. I'm a big fan, and it seems many owners of lofts are as well. Even if you can't seem to work real brick into your dwelling, faux brick is an option that you can install on your own!
I love many aspects of the room below (especially the mirrored tables) but there's no argument that the exposed brick wall is what the eye is immediately drawn to. What do you think about exposed brick?
exposed brick loft

I'm not playing games when I say I've found the one. That special other that makes my head spin and puts a goofy, dreamy smile smack dab on my face.
purple damask sofa

Now, I am a bit of an earring collector. In the sense, of course, that, like one of those birds that collects shiny objects, I just can't seem to get enough of precious, shiny earrings. I'm deeply attracted to the colors of these--even though they're not necessarily shiny, I think they would make a statement.
oxidized earrings

I kind of whimper at the thought of ironing. For some reason, when I was little I thought it was the bee's knees, however. (My grandmother's idea of games was chores, I just realized.) But anything to make housework FUN is a plus in--well--anyone's eyes! Enter...the cute cute cute cutest ironing board cover! The etsy shop GaranceCouture has many other bright styles in stock, so get to lookin'.
cute ironing board cover

While I don't own an iPad, I know some of you followers must, and I just had to add in this gorgeous case because I can't help but share its beauty. Sharing is caring, right?
floral ipad case

I know there are some creative DIY jewelry holder ideas running about the Internets, but if you're not ready to commit to something like that, I highly suggest this adorable, functional, rotating jewelry storage box.
rotating jewelry box

AAAAANNNNDDDD...(trumpets sound)...the owl find of this Widened Horizons post is!:
Some vintage marble bookends!
vintage owl bookends

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