09 July 2014

Influenster Spring Fling Voxbox

If you aren't aware of the website Influenster, I have a few words of advice for you: you should be. 

It's completely free to sign up, and all you have to do in order to receive a "box" like I'm about to talk about, is to update your profile frequently and stay current with the website. There are other factors that go into how Influenster chooses who gets to try out their stuff, of course, but my main course of action has always been to just be involved and write reviews!

Here is what my Influenster Spring Voxbox was made up of:

spring voxbox influenster

1) Car air freshener (peach pie scented) celebrating Labor Day movie
  • Loved this scent! It was a little overbearing in my car at first, but like most car air fresheners, it quickly softened up and became a lovely greeting every time I hopped into my car. 
2) Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons
  • I actually gave these to a friend and asked her opinion about them afterwards. She said they were "so-so," and that the "application was actually a little bit awkward, almost painful." Yikes! 
3) Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retroglam Mascara
  • SUPER awesome! I've been giving this mascara bedroom eyes ever since I first applied it. I've even found myself wearing mascara more often than normal because I've found the Retroglam so easy to apply with no flakes, hardly any clumps, and lots of length! My favorite product from the bunch.
4) Kiss Everlasting French Nails
  •  I've never really gotten along with fake nails to begin with, but these were a terror for me. Yeah, they looked beautiful when first applied, but not even 30 minutes later, the first nail came off. And I definitely glued those suckers down. Oh well--at least I had my beauty while it lasted:
  • french nails voxbox
5) Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Lotion

  • I've been applying this lotion to my tummy for a few weeks now but all I can really say is that it really leaves my skin moisturized. And I mean moisturized. (SO SMOOTH.) 
6) Softlips Cube

  • This is definitely my second favorite product that came in the Voxbox. I love lip products, and this hydrating lip protectant came in pomegranate blueberry which was just spectacular for me because I am a pomegranate fanatic. With "5 in 1 lip care," you can't go wrong. I've been applying it before I go out in the sun, and well, just whenever I feel like it because it's that great. 

That's it, folks. Now that it's summer, I can't wait to see what boxes Influenster has in store for us all!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

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