10 August 2014

{Widened Horizons}

I'm hot, excited, and rearing to go for this week's Widened Horizons.
Of course, I'm probably hot because I have a fever. And a possible kidney stone.
I cannot win.

I won't put you through my misery, though. I'll just get straight to the goodies!

Anything upcycled wins points in my book. These unique record earrings fit into that category, and they are pretty cute too if I do say so myself.
quirky record upcycled earrings

I am a candle hoarder. There, I admitted it. I don't have enough of a problem for any kind of intervention (now my lotion hoarding on the other hand...), but I definitely need to stop shopping for them.
Well, at some point I'll stop shopping for them. But for now, check out this handmade blueberry and vanilla candle.
handmade candle virginia

Who is into the palazzo pant trend? This girl. I don't know how I feel about all the crazy prints, but when I saw these chiffon pleated ones, I just knew they would work wonders on so many gals.
bright chiffon palazzo pants

I couldn't figure out exactly where this is from, but the photograper is Jessica Antola and what I'm about to show you is just...OUT OF THIS WORLD.
galaxy moon star room beautiful

Looking for purses is a challenge. For example, my mom just went out hunting for a purse and it took her three hours. She came up with nothing.
What I like most about this beautiful bird-themed purse is that it's more of a crossbody type, which is basically the only type of purse I wear, and it has those awesome wooden buttons! I hope it finds a home soon.
bird wood purse handmade

I own 100 billion owl earrings, but I still want more. I'm greedy.
These owl find studs are different because it's just the head of the owl, and I really like that.
pave blue head stud earrings owl

Finally, before the quick links, I just wanted to pull in something new for Widened Horizons: a visual quote.
inspiring motivational quote positive dream
I'm sure a lot of you, especially those of you--like myself--who are still trying to figure out what the heck is going on in life, can relate to this.
So dream it, build it, and they will come.
(just kidding. sort of.)

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