02 October 2014

Thursday Threads: Mod Looks (Then and Now)

I've noticed a lot of outfits recently giving off a '60s vibe. 

Chunky heeled mary janes, shift dresses, high waisted pants with a wide leg...even the makeup seems to be returning! 

I've put together a small list of what some of my favorite fashion choices from the 1960's are, and how they've been recreated today. 

While searching the web for some inspiration, I came across Rachel Zoe's fall 2014 collection, and it's glorious! (Even though I can't think of Rachel Zoe without picturing that scene from Gossip Girl where chocolate fondue spills on her head.) Everything that I wanted to express about what's been coming back in style is basically in her collection. 

In fact...

I just adore this little blue jacket on top of this simple, yet elegant black & white striped dress. Rachel Zoe nailed it!
mod 60s striped black white shift dress rachel zoe

The shift dress immediately made me think of...TWIGGY!
twiggy 60s mod stripe dress adorable
It's those large black and white stripes that take us back to the '60s.
I've seen them on sweater dresses, but especially on shift dresses, which is where they're most at home.
Large, bold stripes can be adorable and classy. Whoever told us that stripes make us look larger can buzz off because even plus size ladies are taking the trend to heart.

The next item you can be sure to see and wear for yourself is what's commonly called "balloon sleeves."

Here is a picture of a woman from the 1960's in London wearing a balloon sleeve dress.
london 60s mod balloon sleeve dress cute
Isn't she a cutie??

Now, here's a top from ASOS with the same balloon sleeves.
asos top blouse balloon sleeves pink
I've seen a lot of chiffon dresses with balloon sleeves out--expensive ones, eek--and they have been gorgeous. Usually no collars like the former one, but still just as precious!

The last item I wanted to draw attention to, and just in time for Halloween ;) haha, is the lovely cape!
60s mod orange fur cape gorgeous
Believe it or not, this has always been my favorite clothing item to look up on etsy. They have some wonderful choices that are dated but still in pristine shape. AND I WANT THEM ALL. Bright colors, fur, buttons buttons buttons. Oh, how lovely.

We still do a pretty good job--and by that, I mean great job--with capes. I saw an amazing belted one just the other day. The cape that I picked out for this post was on Amazon, however.
cape beautiful black buttons
Not as many buttons as I'd like, but it's still got 'em! And that collar...phew! Somebody stop me! 

We're always going to be inspired by the past of fashion. History repeats itself. But the greatness of fashion, and where the art of fashion comes into play, is that we update it and revamp what the trends of the past were.

I hope you were inspired just a little by what you've seen today, and maybe you even thought of something you saw recently that fits the mod trend? If so, let me know! 

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