25 August 2016

Thursday Threads: Boho Buttercup

Boho Buttercup fringe bohemian flare jeans

Boho Buttercup by thezorya featuring wood wall art

Just let me start out by saying I cannot get enough of flares this year, and I'm sure I'll be seeing them well into fall. So when I spotted these high rise flares? *Swoon* Love at first sight

I also paired wedges with jeans the last time I made a Thursday Threads post, but when I was faced with fringe + flare this time around, I knew I had to combine the two to equal bohemian perfection. It was fate, guys. (Not to mention the wedges almost match the beautiful lipstick I picked out!)

Of course, I had to add a nice little cotton shirt in with everything, and even though it might look plain, it actually does the outfit justice with its slight details. 

And really...what's a "boho buttercup" outfit without a SMILE?!

Are you still digging flare jeans? 

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