18 June 2017

{Widened Horizons}

I'm pretty sure it's been...okay, let's just say it's well overdue for a new Widened Horizons post!

As I've said before in one of these WH posts, I love surfing the web for amusing things. It's sort of an escape for me. Who doesn't need some retail therapy every now and then, I mean c'mon?!

I enjoy going to Etsy a lot for new finds, and nothing speaks "retail" better to me than the movie Clueless. Imagine how psyched I was when I found this print, then...
clueless movie print as if

This button-down shirt dress gives me "summer French girl vibes"--whatever that means. It's different, it's chic, and it looks comfy! I hope this style becomes more popular because I'm a fan.
button down wrap striped shirt dress

I want to be more carefree this summer. Be spontaneous, be a little wild, and hope to let my hair down once in a while just like this cute little compact says to do!
kate spade compact cute

Sometimes you still need a good pair of socks for the summer. Socks that'll make you drool. But...socks, all the same.
ice cream socks

I'm thinking about picking up the Harry Potter books again. This car decal has me inspired!
harry potter car decal golden snitch

I love the owl find for this time around! A dishtowel! Because in all honesty, who doesn't need one? Brb buying it.
owl dishtowel pretty

Thanks, Dr. Seuss, for cheering me on!
dr seuss motivation inspiration

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