17 December 2015

B-Healthy with NeoCell Biotin Bursts (Review)

Because I'm so sick all the time, I try pretty hard to take good care of myself.

How do I keep my body healthy when I can?
Here's a sweet little image for you... (love how the owl figurine in the background is photobombing the pic).

healthy life biotin bursts neocell vitamins

First of all, as you can see on the far right, I have my reusable water bottle. And not just because it's purple and pretty, but because it's convenient to use, good for the earth, oh right! and because I'm able to drink the right amount of water my body needs every single day.

The Garcinia Cambogia dietary supplement I reviewed already, and am mainly still taking for the energy benefits. I think if my body wasn't in such a fatigued state, it would be doing me even more wonders!

While I have been on probiotics for years, it seems like the kind of acidophilus I take has changed several times for...well...no real reason. At this moment I'm taking Hyperbiotics Immune & Wellness probiotics. I like them because they have 4 billion CFU. Since most of your immune system is actually in your gut, I want to have as much as that good bacteria in me as possible.

Even though the particular probiotic I currently take does contain Zinc, every now and then--particularly in the winter time!--I will dose myself with some extra Zinc. My immune system is too vulnerable at this time of year when all you have to do is step outside and get the cold or the flu. So I try to take extra, preventative steps!

Speaking of preventative steps...Feverfew and Butterbur extract are two herbal supplements I take to try to prevent migraines. My migraines are very frequent and pretty severe, so you might say these herbs do nothing for me, but I've noticed whether it's by coincidence or not, that when I do take the herbal supplements less, my migraines are pretty destructive.

Now...you're probably wondering what that pretty package is on top of my Lyme disease "medicine toolbox."
And I'm sure by now you've heard of the B vitamin Biotin. Well, these are NeoCell's Biotin Bursts!
Besides having a pretty exterior, the interior is unique as well. There's a sealed package inside with individually wrapped "vitamin bursts" inside! I love how this keeps them fresh and safe.

biotin bursts sealed fresh package

The flavor that I received--Brazilian Acai Berry--is so yummy. I think it's so smart to have both the packaging beautiful and the "treats" inside so yummy. You can't always get both of those, you know. The flavor is pretty sweet with just a hint of tartness (I like that though). That kind of makes it hard to take just one a day, but at least you'll remember to take them! And they're not just simple ole soft chews--they're GOURMET. The wording of that makes me feel like I'm putting the best of the best in my body.

purple gourmet chews vitamin b biotin

Biotin is supposedly the B vitamin that promotes hair growth, keeps skin healthy, and hardens nails. And what really got my attention about these purple bites is that they each contain 10,000 mcg of Biotin! WOW! I was not able to try these NeoCell Biotin Bursts out for as long as I would have liked (I've used them now for about two weeks); however, my facial skin has been somewhat softer. Not sure whether it's because of the gourmet soft chews or not yet.

I'm definitely going to continue using these until I've run out of the 30 day vitamins because I do want to see if these do anything--mainly for my nails that I pick at every day--but also because if I do notice anything, I want to come back here and update y'all on my progress!

*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.