28 March 2016

Playlist: "Strong Soft Songs"

Sunny leaves spring beautiful 

I've been listening to so many great artists lately but I haven't put up a playlist in a good while!
I was listening to one of the songs I'll be featuring today and thought, Today is the day.
That sounds a bit dramatic... But sometimes music can be dramatic too. I wonder if any of these songs will bring out some emotions in you today? Hopefully some good ones! Sing one in a pronounced opera voice. That's always fun for me.

As you've probably noticed, I like indie pop. It's just a nice kind of music. I listen to it when I'm happy, when I'm sad, as background music when I'm working or resting. It's good.
What I like about this artist, Beth Moore, is that her voice is lovely but also has a bit of a growl to it.

I love me a lot of '80s music, and what's best about this song is how much it sounds like it came out of the '80s. Plus, her voice just pulls me in...like what happens in that A-ha music video. Okay, let me return to 2016.

I was talking about the previous artist, Beth Moore, growling....well...check out the lead singer of this band and her growl. Rawrrrrrr.
This is the song I was listening to when I realized more people just had to listen to it and spread it around. It's a song I have been enjoying way too much but I know I'll keep enjoying it because it's too great for me not to.

This next and final song isn't exactly what I'm used to, but for some reason, it grabbed my attention; it made me happy! I hope it makes you happy as well on what is becoming a beautiful spring day here in North Carolina.

23 March 2016

Wordful Wednesday//I Need a Vacation from Being Sick...

My whole life is some whacked up version of

"I feel horrible, I slept at a hotel last night."


You know when you travel and nothing is actually in your complete control? For instance, no bed is comfy enough because it isn't yours? And when you finally make it back home, no matter how great the vacay, you just can't help but let out a giant sigh of relief as you flop down on your very own made-for-you bed. 

Here's the twist: my life is a vacation of sorts. But not what you're thinking; I can tell you're making that wrinkled face of confusion so let me explain. 

I feel like I'm lost in a foreign country with no map, unable to speak the language, with no one bothering to help me out. This is how it feels when I examine my body--myself--knowing I don't even understand what's going on with me half the time. In fact, most of the time I'm utterly confused. And worst of all, like the people in my comparison, doctors don't want to help me either. 

The whole loss of control bit is what scares me the most, and I dwell on it more than I should, and I know this. It fuels my anxiety, and it makes me question how my future days will be spent. Which, of course, leads to hopeless thoughts and cycles of chaos and depression. Opposite of how bubbly my character once was. 

My actual bed is really comfy. I can't complain there. It's where I tend to--no, have to--spend all my time, though. I have to rest. I can't overexert myself. I can't be stressed. I can't do anything. But at least my bed is comfy! 

I used to go camping what seemed like every weekend with my family. Our adventurous vacations thrilled me and revitalized me. They were also the most likely cause of how I contracted Lyme disease. Even so, I look back on the memories fondly. Mainly because I'm unable to participate in family camping anymore. But also because I remember what it felt like when we returned from camping, unlocked the door to the house--filling our nostrils with its sweet, special smell--set our bags down to be unpacked, and each went to our own rooms. I was able to lie back on my bed and breathe that familiar sigh of relief. This is my bed and I missed it. 

It is the same with my sick body. I will see photos or remember how it used to be with my previous life. An aura surrounding me, filled with happiness and a carefree energy. A skinny girl with a wide smile who could run and dream--full of energy, full of life. I catch glimpses of my former self and I think...This was my body. And I miss it.  

11 March 2016

Peplum: Pepped Up or Struck Out?

I'm a huge fan of the TV show Project Runway.
But it seems like on every single season, a contestant makes a peplum outfit and every single time, the judges DESPISE it.

If you're not familiar with the term "peplum," it's basically a bit of a skirt on top of a garment. It's popular for accentuating the hips as well, but sometimes it just...doesn't.

I think the reason so many people are so against peplum is because it takes them back to the harsh '80s peplum party dresses!

peplum party dress 80s peplum blue prom dress 80s polka dot red peplum dress 80s

I can see why with some of them, although if we're being completely honest here, I dig how unique a lot of the designs are! You can still see how we've built upon them with our peplums today.

Now that the peplum has regained its strength...which seems to happen in fashion a lot, history repeating itself, right?...it's interesting to see the controversy surrounding whether or not it's "in" or "out."

Please don't think this post is about whether or not you should wear peplum. Wear whatever you want. I'm speaking about the controversy behind it all around, the design itself, and well--just fashion!

What really makes me think peplum is here to stay--or will continue to pop up--is the fact that it is not just confined to dresses.

From tops like this comfy but chic one from Saks.

peplum top classy

To skirts like this amazing printed one.

china white blue printed peplum skirt

And dresses, of course cannot be left out. This Torrid dress is amazing!

plus size peplum dress

Lastly, there are plenty of jackets, swimsuits, who knows what else, and oh yeah! WEDDING DRESSES! Marchesa has does it again!

marchesa wedding dress peplum beautiful

After all of this, I'm asking, what are your thoughts on peplum?

01 March 2016

February Favorites

How is it already March??

This year has flown by, and it's just not fair. Sure, I didn't really enjoy the cold weather...and I'm definitely ready for springtime...but months have passed by and I really haven't noticed it until now. I just can't even begin to grasp that.

While I hope March is a good month for me and for you, I do have to say even though February went by extremely quickly, it was pretty great.
And one thing (or a few things) that made it so great was finding all kinds of "favorites" to enjoy!

This is my first "monthly favorites" post so bear with me!

First of all, February is my birthday month and I turned 25 on the 28th! Yay!

My mother bought me a gorgeous bouquet with some lovely purple flowers thrown in. Purple is both the color of my birthstone AND my favorite color. Very fitting.

bouquet birthday purple

My parents and I set up what started out as a popcorn bar and ended up as the former as well as a bar for someone with a huge sweet tooth. One thing I really loved that my mom made was something called zebra caramel popcorn. Even my dad liked it!

sweet tooth party bar birthday

I managed to win two BEAUTIFUL Henry London watches from Erin Howard's blog Happily Howards. I gave one to my mom and kept the other for myself. This is a rich, deep, dark purple and I absolutely love how well-made it is!

henry london giveaway purple watch

I bought this Nourish body butter in the scent "Wild Berries" from the shop called One Twine. I know it's currently out of stock but maybe it'll be back!
Honestly, I like this stuff better than my L'Occitane hand lotion! It's not greasy at all and the scent is subtle but still very berry scented. I've been using it a lot--when my mother isn't stealing it away!

onetwine body hand lotion wild berries nourish

Lastly, and most importantly on this list of favorites, I just have to add my puppydog Paisley.
She's been doing better when walking and she's not hyper 24/7 anymore so I can actually hang out with her and cuddle with her while we both watch TV. She's a good dog and cuter than me so I just have to give her a shout-out!

paisley puppy shorkie

Hope your February was great and that your March will be even better!