17 February 2014

Macabre Monday: Creepy Children in Film

For some reason, a creepy child in a movie is much scarier to me than any creepy adult. Which is exactly why I've made a list of movies (in no particular order) containing creepy children for this week's Macabre Monday. These children may only show up for an instant, or they may be the main theme of the movie. Either way, they are SURE to give you goosebumps.

When my friend and I went to see the movie 30 Days of Night when it was first released, she gripped my hand as soon as the scene appeared where there was a vampire child. We were both a little spooked (OK, you can go ahead and say she was frightened out of her wits). Especially since the entire vibe of that scene just changes when the little girl speaks. Ugh.
That's why first on my list is the feisty little vampire girl (with ribbons in her hair, of course) who shows up in 30 Days of Night.

Now, I can't very well make a post about creepy children in film and leave out one of the most well-known, can I? 
I'm talking about The Exorcist, a film which if you've never seen (God bless you), is about a young girl who becomes possessed and--you guessed it--needs to be exorcised. 
From the head-spinning to the projectile puke, to my favorite part--the "spider walk," it's all very spooky and worth a watch. The movie's been parodied many times, but even so, it remains second on this list for a reason: it's creepy

Third on the list is one of my favorite movies when it comes to creepy children, and I really couldn't leave it out considering the title is: The Children
I love when a sickness is the cause of creepiness, and that's basically what's going on in this film as the children begin to turn on their parents and other adults standing in their way. Conniving, mischievous little creatures!

The Orphanage is a film--fourth on the list--that really took me aback when I first saw it several years ago.
When her son disappears at an orphanage she has come back to, seeing it through new eyes after being raised there, she notices a young boy about her son's age beginning to pop up mysteriously, masked by some kind of (burlap?) bag. Truly creepy.

The final and fifth film on the list goes to the title of Silent Hill
I used to play the video games by the same name, and they were always a spooky treat. 
So I wasn't surprised that the movie followed well in the footsteps of the games. And by that, I mainly mean the little girl, Sharon aka Alessa, was spooky as hell. 

Although, let's be real, those nurses, and that SIREN were enough to leave you with nightmares. Especially when you watch the movie in a house next to a fire station that uses the almost exact siren!

So tell me, what movies do you think deserve to be on the list? 

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