26 November 2015

Thursday Threads: Classy Cable

Flying Through Fall

How's about a look for Thanksgiving today?!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure this is a cable knit sweater. The pattern looks like it anyway. I'd still buy it just because it's so chunky. Chunky sweaters for fall/winter? You betcha. OH, and do you like the tweed skirt with the knit sweater? I love how it's mixing both patterns and fabrics.

I chose the tasseled booties and the neutral crossbody bag to go with this outfit because I didn't want this to end up on the gloomy side, but also because I thought it made the outfit a little bit sweeter.

The ear cuff and the nail polish can take this to the dangerous side, and aren't they just divine? That shade of nail polish-- "Miss Independent"--seems perfect for autumn, and who can't tell me ear cuffs aren't all the rage right now? I picked this dazzling one because I thought it could be daring but not too over-the-top. Just right.

I did have trouble coming up with a perfume that would work with these threads. Any ideas?

11 November 2015

Service and Sacrifice

Never Forget

Honestly, holidays are a little bit weird. Like Valentine's Day, why should there only be one day out of the entire year where we really put forth a huge effort to express how we feel about someone we love or appreciate? I am even guilty of not thanking my veteran family members enough. Let's change that.

I was intrigued by this article I read today on Care2.
It talks about how much help veterans really need, and frankly, how little help they receive from the government.

Did you know that 13% of the United State's homeless population just so happens to be veterans?! 

I've worked with homeless veterans, and while I did enjoy the stories and meeting the men and women, I hated seeing what obstacles they faced. Drug abuse, lack of jobs, no family support, and of course...no housing.

When you think of homeless veterans, you probably think of older vets. Several that I worked with were as young as 19. All of them either had trouble with reintegrating into society or had PTSD. 

It's just tough. These people serve for various reasons--reasons we may not even think of--and risk their lives in the process. Every war has been different, but every war is the same. Savagery and destruction. These people are heroic because they've been there. They have served for the government, for their country, for their people.

You can thank veterans today--and I hope you do. But think about ways to help veterans in the long run. Make a sacrifice for them like they have for you.

I fight every day mentally and physically to try to keep myself sane and to not give into my disease.
These veterans have fought beyond anything I have ever been through--for you and for me. They have managed to fight the impossible, sacrificed all they have had and more, and announced, "I'm still here."