03 February 2014

Macabre Monday: "Deep Dark Fears" Comics

Fran Krause creates these amazing--sometimes horrifying, sometimes weirdly funny--comics on his Tumblr site. It's a collection of both his "deep dark fears" as well as the fears of others around the Internet.

Feel free to wander through his website, but first--take a look at the comics of his I've collected for today's Macabre Monday. I just couldn't pass these few up.

I mainly chose this one because a girl I went to college with had almost this exact fear. She was also scared birds would lay eggs on her and they would hatch into her skin. She literally spoke about it in every single class I had with her. I had too many classes with her.

It's like The Grudge meets "The Yellow Wallpaper!"

Yeah, I'm going to tiptoe around everything in my bathroom now.

I'm so glad I don't have any cats. 

And the one I happen to think about from time to time...

A lot of Fran Krause's fears seem to apply to eyeballs. Do you have a deep dark fear relating to a certain body part? Teeth, perhaps? 

Or, what's a deep dark fear you would submit to Fran to be made into a comic if you could? 

It's not a fear of mine, but a good friend has an irrational fear that one day, a huge boa snake is going to be in her toilet. So she has to thoroughly check her toilet (as well as every toilet she uses) to make sure there's no appearance of any snake. 

I think that would make a nice little comic. 

The only thing I'm scared of coming out of toilets are It, the clown and maybe some unwanted poo. 

Have a nice Macabre Monday!

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