18 February 2014

Upcoming Remake Mistakes

1. Thelma & Louise

As of right now, all sources point to this 1991 cult classic becoming a remake with Michelle Rodriguez in for one of the roles as just a rumor, but you never know how that goes. Some rumors do have a little truth behind them, especially in Hollywood it would seem. The Daily Mail and even ELLE UK have stepped up to the plate to put in the word that Rodriguez wants Cara Delevingne to co-star with her in the remake (if it happens). Hmph. I'd rather see that neither show up in the remake. I'd rather there be no remake. A cult classic is just that for a reason and rarely--very rarely--is it ever even worth it to put effort into a remake because it's just. not. the same.

The characters Thelma & Louise (and obviously the movie as a whole) will always stick with me as an extremely powerful movie. No one can recreate for me the scene where everything changes for the women, and no one can replace Brad Pitt in that movie, that's for sure!

2. Scarface

This one is actually categorized as "in development" on IMDb, so that usually means there's a fair chance it's going to be made, people. And I am shaking my head so severely right now that I'm expecting it to fall off at the...hinges? Eugh. Believe it or not, Scarface is one of the first movies I remember watching at my grandparents' house. I can honestly look back at that and shake my head some more, but we've already established that I've got more than a small crick in my neck by now. I have some fond memories of the movie, and let's be honest, who isn't a little scared that those memories will be ruined by a remake?

I understand that David Yates (the director of four Harry Potter movies) will be the doomed director of this one, and plenty of people can tell you that even with a great past behind you, that doesn't necessarily ensure you'll come out ahead with such a beloved classic. 

3. Rosemary's Baby

This one I'm actually on the fence about. Sort of. Barely. For one thing, the "remake" is going to be a TV mini-series, which makes me want to kind of gag. From my friend's point of view, that might mean a better explanation for events. But one reason I like the movie is because it's so mysterious. I just don't know if they'll be able to capture the dramatic, strained atmosphere and the anxiety felt by both Rosemary and the audience. We'll see! Zoe Saldana is supposed to be the star of the show, playing Rosemary Woodhouse. I wouldn't be happy with anyone, because Mia Farrow will always be my Rosemary, so I'm pretty biased there. I just wish Hollywood would stay away from the good movies, especially the horror movies!

What do you think? Do these remakes sound offending or pleasing to you?

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