15 February 2014

{Widened Horizons}

etsy ampersand scarf
I've noticed a sprinkling of ampersands making their way into home decor lately, and I've been appreciative.
But to see the friendly symbol on this scarf made my heart skip a beat. Would I wear a dress with a print of just ampersands? You bet!

etsy amethyst macrame necklace
It's February! And besides Valentine's Day, other holidays, and well...my birthday!...we have to give some props to the gem of the month, amethyst. Amethyst is thought to instill courage and peace as well as other traits into the wearer, and this gorgeous macrame necklace has small amethyst beads which I have no doubt will give the buyer courage to show off just a hint of cleavage with this beauty!

file cabinet nightstand
Anything out-of-the-ordinary turned into a nightstand makes me want to get crafting.
I automatically fell in love with this file cabinet found over at Mod Vintage Life repurposed as just that! I would probably even label the drawers. Adorable!

etsy spoon ring
I love repurposed furniture and I love upcycled clothing/accessories. So it's no shock that this ring just stole my soul.
I've seen the bracelets made from forks and spoons (a work crew at my college used to sell them), but this little ring was just stunning in a different way.

express sweater dress
Being someone who mainly only wears dresses can be a challenge, but I love it.
Especially when you come across something as cute as this sweater skater dress from Express. I really like an exposed back zip for some reason. They always seem to catch my eye, and to see one on a sweater dress is just so cute!

fireplace art
When I first saw this fireplace from Ancient Art of Stone, I had to stop and rub my eyes for a good minute--I thought I was hallucinating! But isn't it extravagant?

1960s fur coat
Finally, the cutest coat ever (brought to you from the swinging '60s!) is on sale over at Etsy and I have been daydreaming about it ever since I laid eyes on it. From the huge buttons to the fur cuffs, this beautiful coat is something I would more than welcome into my closet!

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