23 February 2014

{Widened Horizons}

etsy face bowl
Words that spring to mind surrounding this ceramic bowl: cartoon-like, angelic, imaginative. 
I own a pretty hilarious face plate that allows you to move food around for her hair and cheek color, things like that. It's pretty great. (Yes, I'm a child. And it was a gift.) While this bowl reminded me of that just for a moment, I admit I would never want to dirty this bowl up--it's too pretty!

hammered magazine caddy
This hammered metal magazine holder is exactly what I've been looking for to go on the other side of my bed, beside of my corner chair. I need something to hold my cluster of magazines, and while I've thought about buying a rustic looking magazine holder from a flea market or a consignment shop, I just haven't found the one.  This caddy is chic, refined, and would look perfect against my bold purple accent wall. That's another thing though--which I think the picture above does a great job of showing--this little guy would work wonders with either bolder colors like my purple, or more calm, neutral colors. I just wish it was less expensive; maybe someone has a DIY idea for me?

I bought a juicer years ago and used the heck out of it for months. Then...college happened and, well...you know. I am, however, ready to dust off the huge machine again, and for those of you who are just beginning to juice, or for those of you who have been juicing for ages now, I wanted to share an awesome juice recipe from Juice Generation called "Get Ur Green On."
  • 1 cup kale
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/2 cup pineapple
  • 2 medium green apples
  • 1 mint sprig  

green apple necklace
Speaking of apples, if you're not getting enough to eat, just sling this adorable green apple necklace around you and you'll be good to go (and keeping all the doctors away)! Seriously, I cannot get over how cute this is! I want to take a bite nomnom.

 photo rekindlecandle0.gif
The coolest thing I've seen this week has to be this reusable, regenerating candle. The "Rekindle Candle" is not only a candle, but also a candlestick holder that creates another candle! The first thing that came to mind? Paul Rudd's character saying, "I used to be another candle" from the movie Our Idiot Brother. So, so funny. You can read more about the extraordinary candle at My Modern Metropolis.

Finally, it's time--the OWL FIND.
garden statue owl trio
I'm really taken by these beautiful little interlocking garden owl statues. I love their ethereal white faces mixed with their elegantly painted and carved bodies. I would truly love to have these little guys resting near the bench under the huge maple tree in my backyard!

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