24 June 2014

Playlist: "Sweet Nothings"

This playlist is nothing if not sweet.

I hope you take the afternoon to listen, relax, and remember to not be afraid to fall in love.

What a smooth song by Landon Pigg. My cousin played this song at her wedding, and I can understand why--it makes you want to grab the nearest person and just pick them up and twirl them around. Happiness and love are wrapped up together in this song in a way that's not overwhelming but rather just right.

A little more upbeat with a repetitive yet catchy chorus, I chose this song because it has simple lyrics that are still sugar sweet. Be careful though--this one will nuzzle against your brain until you almost can't take it anymore!

What sweet-as-honey voices sing this song! I highly recommend you pay attention to the lyrics (even though it's hard not to get caught up in the lull of the song). The sweetness of this song is almost dripping out of my computer screen right now!

This last one isn't from YouTube for any reason other than the fact that I couldn't find it on SoundCloud.
If you listen to it, however, you'll find immediately how mesmerizing it is. The music reminds me a bit of a carousel ride or something--at least that's what I picture. But I also picture a blithe couple on the carousel ride...laughing, kissing, having the ride of their life. Plus, the lyrics are darling.

Feeling any sweeter now?

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