19 August 2014

Playlist: "Crisp Mornings"

I've had the good fortune to wake up to some wonderful crisp summer mornings lately.
With that inspiration in mind, I picked out some songs that I would jam to on one of these mornings--but that I thought you would enjoy too.

The lyrics to this song are sweet and fun. As is the song itself. Torrini's voice is so nice to hear in the mornings, and if you remember, I've featured her before on the blog. Can't get enough of her!

How can you not love this voice, first of all? It is so captivating--great for the morning, when you are still a little drowsy. While the lyrics are a bit more melancholic than the other songs listed today, I just couldn't help but add it because of the incorporated synth and how dreamy it sounds. Dreamy, "Fever Dream," get it?

Sounding a bit like a more chilled out version of The Black Keys, I just couldn't help but think this song was too mellow to pass up. The man behind Bahamas, Afie Jurvanen, has put forth a song that makes me relaxed, inspired, and happy. What more could you want?

Hope you're ready to take on the day now!

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