24 August 2014

{Widened Horizons}

I'm going to go ahead and dig in with this week's Widened Horizons post.
Starting with...this lovely pair of peach earrings!
peach gold earrings studs
Seriously adorable.

Next up are these cosmetic bags made with water resistant lining. They are too bold to pass up.
nomad cosmetic bag print

I was really taken by this duvet cover and how clean and cute it is. If my bedroom wasn't purple, I would most definitely pop this sucker on my bed in an instant!
mint minty duvet cover

I love these really neat, reasonably priced mugs that react to the sun!
sun mug pretty glazed

The owl find I've discovered is this beautifully made stained glass owl. It's quite expensive, so I don't anticipate buying this anytime soon, but I can still look at it, right? stained glass owl

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