21 June 2015

My Pop on Father's Day

I have been ridiculously lucky to have the presence of a father in my life.
Not only that, but to have an amazing father. One who is always at my beck and call.

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 I still remember the time I was a freshmen at college when I woke up for class and tried to start my car. Kaput......nothing happened.

Now, I wasn't THAT far away from home, but I was still far enough to be a nuisance for just a short trip and back.
My dad's a mechanic so of course I called him straight away. He dropped everything (although I definitely remember hearing some grumbling and mumbling), and came up to my college to fix my car.
There was a flood of anxiety that had been hanging over my head that just completely vanished as I saw his figure come up the steps near my Ford with his red shop towel hanging from his back pants pocket. I was SO relieved. Daddy was there to save me--just like he always is.

I wish I could list all the things I love about my dad and why he is just so charismatic.
He's hilarious--he could take a simple story about a grocery store trip and turn it into a story about something that would make you belly laugh. He's handy and too smart for his own good. I don't think we've ever really had someone come out to repair something on our house. If so, A) I'm sure he would be really pissed, and B) He would probably be right beside them trying to fix the problem. He looks really tough--and he is--but the man is sweet, and he always tries to do right by people. He's just a good person. He just is.

Dad is so fun-spirited and open about everything. We can talk about anything without me feeling embarrassed or like I have to hold back. And I know that's a blessing. We can be ourselves. We can act childish and foolish. And that's what makes us US. It's what makes us have inside jokes and it is how we bond.

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 My dad means so much to me because he has taught me so much. Whether he's meant to or not.
I am me because of my father. Yes, we have petty little fights sometimes, but as that saying goes, we get over them and we never go to bed without saying sorry. We also never go to bed without saying, "I love you."

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His endearing nicknames for me never go unnoticed and when we are in the middle of laughing at something that is so funny, we just can't stop laughing, it makes my love for him grow even more than I thought possible.
Because he's my dad. He's my dad.

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