28 March 2016

Playlist: "Strong Soft Songs"

Sunny leaves spring beautiful 

I've been listening to so many great artists lately but I haven't put up a playlist in a good while!
I was listening to one of the songs I'll be featuring today and thought, Today is the day.
That sounds a bit dramatic... But sometimes music can be dramatic too. I wonder if any of these songs will bring out some emotions in you today? Hopefully some good ones! Sing one in a pronounced opera voice. That's always fun for me.

As you've probably noticed, I like indie pop. It's just a nice kind of music. I listen to it when I'm happy, when I'm sad, as background music when I'm working or resting. It's good.
What I like about this artist, Beth Moore, is that her voice is lovely but also has a bit of a growl to it.

I love me a lot of '80s music, and what's best about this song is how much it sounds like it came out of the '80s. Plus, her voice just pulls me in...like what happens in that A-ha music video. Okay, let me return to 2016.

I was talking about the previous artist, Beth Moore, growling....well...check out the lead singer of this band and her growl. Rawrrrrrr.
This is the song I was listening to when I realized more people just had to listen to it and spread it around. It's a song I have been enjoying way too much but I know I'll keep enjoying it because it's too great for me not to.

This next and final song isn't exactly what I'm used to, but for some reason, it grabbed my attention; it made me happy! I hope it makes you happy as well on what is becoming a beautiful spring day here in North Carolina.

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