15 December 2014

Macabre Monday: Dark Mountain

dark mountain 2014 movie film review horror

I think most of us here can say that we've seen The Blair Witch Project and ultimately--at least back then--it was freaky and scary and something in a new vein altogether.

Dark Mountain (2013), another found footage film, will have you saying something along the lines of, "Hey isn't this a lot like--" Yep. Do not even say it because it's already been said for you, in fact, in the movie itself.

BUT, I do have to say that most found footage films bring me back, in a sense, to The Blair Witch Project. So even though there are immense similarities between the two films that have been pointed out, I'll try to steer away from the witchiness aspect in this review.

You know what the TBWP is about--what's this ominously titled Dark Mountain about, huh?
Well, first of all, let me just start by saying that the title caught my eye because it reminded me of a place near where I used to live called Black Mountain. So that's something.

Now that I have that off my chest, the scenery in the movie is completely different from where I used to live. Yes, there are mountains. But in the movie, the mountains are desert mountains. Why? Because the characters--a filmmaker and her two guy friends--are in the Superstition Mountains located in Arizona. WHY? (I sound like a little kid.) Because they're looking for the notorious Lost Dutchman mine.

lost dutchman mine movie dark mountain film horror

Apparently the Lost Dutchman mine has some misfortunes that surround it. From hardcore legends, to strange phenomena, to missing people, and even deaths...this sounds like nothing to mess around with!

What I really appreciate in horror films is when they add an aspect of realness to the plot. Especially something historical. Apparently the Lost Dutchman mine is alive and well--or once was, who knows?

After interviewing a few locals--and I mean real locals--the gang begins their trek to find the lost mine and all its gold.

One thing that really annoyed me right off the bat was that these shoddy camera phone scenes were used which looked like they were using some Instagram filter named something like "1970's Camaro Douche"--I MEAN REALLY.

Let's just take a gander...
dark mountain screenshot instagram hulu movie horror film
Gross, just gross. Get it away!

Aside from the...whatever is above...and the long, pondering silences...and the nods to TBWP, I did enjoy the film, I have to say.

I'm one that usually likes ambiguous endings. Where the viewer has to decide--was it this that happened, was it that, were they all just crazy, am I crazy?

This is one of those films. The way I see it, that means a lot of other people aren't going to like the ending because most people want a straight up-and-down answer.

Endings don't always sit well with me, though. Movies are hard to end. Anything is hard to end. That's why I try to judge the rest of the film even more.

Which is why I'm now asking myself: Did the movie freak me out a bit?
Yes. And that's why I'm recommending it.

14 December 2014

{Widened Horizons}

(Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.)

We've all made it through another week.
This month has been flying by for me. Which is almost frightening considering I still don't have all my Christmas shopping done--oops!

I've been scouring the Internet in full force this weekend. Which is why this Widened Horizon's post rules. Maybe you'll even find that special something you've been hunting for, for that special someone, that you really didn't even know you were looking for. Uh...right?


These awesome fortune teller knee socks!
fortune teller knee socks crystal ball cool
I see...
I see you buying these...

I love knee high socks. They're stylish, they're cute, and they're comfy-cozy.
This shag cardigan looks to be all of those things and more. And it's perfect for winter!
shag cardigan winter fluffy white

You know what else goes well with all of the above? COFFEE. Especially a coffee mug that is full of sass.
This "introvert" coffee mug is something I have been coveting since I saw it last week! I. need. it.
introvert coffee mug cup funny cute

Something my family and I really need to do is organize better. I mean organize everything better.
Since it's winter, and we're taking advantage of the fireplace, I think it's time we organize how we stack our wood instead of just piling it all up in a corner by the fireplace. While this log hoop stands no chance of realistically fitting into our house, I WISH it could. At least it gives us an idea of a better way to organize our wintry ways. 
fireplace firewood wood log hoop organize organization

I have to admit, I am kind of freaking out about what to wear over the holidays.
Since I mainly wear dresses, I am limited in my choices, by that doesn't mean I have to wear the same type of dresses every day.
This beautifully colored plus size swing dress is just darling! I already own a Stop Staring! dress and although I rarely get the chance to wear it, it is well-crafted and one of my finest dresses.
eggplant purple swing dress retro vintage pinup stop staring plus size

For the owl find, I discovered this really neat necklace that seals with a cork; it can actually be used to hold essential oils! I know how my essential oil, Chill Pill, really calms me while I'm at home. I can't imagine being able to carry that around with me while I'm grocery shopping or outside the home in general, faced with an anxiety-inducing situation.
owl bottle necklace cork essential oil neat

Now, keep on dreaming!
tumblr keep on dreaming motivation

Quick Links: 

(Image of sweater dress below. How cool is this?!)

    refashionista ugly sweater christmas dress great awesome sew sewing 

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

10 December 2014

Wordful Wednesday//Mind This (Migraines)

I had yet another migraine over the weekend.
And I had a migraine yesterday afternoon.
What's new?

I'm a bit put off by possibly telling someone I'm experiencing a migraine or that I had to bail out of plans from a migraine because of bad past experiences.

There is stigma with saying, "I have a headache/a migraine, I can't do that right now, sorry."
The person can (in my experience) interpret you as lazy, unwilling to do the job, unfit to do the job. Your friend might see that as you telling them you don't want to hang out anymore and a gap might soon wedge itself between the two of you.

The next time your friend says, "Let's get coffee." And you say, "I have a migraine." They'll kind of scoff and shrug and say, "It's no big deal." But they're tired of it.

I've suffered from migraines since I was in high school; although, back then, I thought they were just "very bad headaches" or "weird vision thingies."

What I was never told was that my migraines would possibly get worse.
And they did.
What started out as having to maybe set myself and my world back an hour--a few hours--came into being something that can now set me back sometimes as long as a week.
And that's with noise, lights, certain smells, ~everything~ bothering me, irritating me, making the pounding in my head feel like an alien is about to burst through. (Seriously, I picture that scene from the movie Alien.)

The medication I mainly take--Imitrex--even bothers me. I can only truly take it twice a week, which is basically ridiculous considering my migraines can attack more often than that. AND, the side effects are horrendous. You feel like you're in a sauna--hot and sticky, sweaty to the max; you're even more nauseous than the migraines make you, which is really saying something; irritable, irritable, irritable; and possibly the worst of them all, you feel sore all over--like bruised--and this can last for days.

No other medicine seems to help me. Unless...I manage to take a pain pill RIGHT when I feel a migraine coming on. But this is tricky because it has to be timed almost perfectly. And life doesn't always have the best timing. What's more, I don't want to feel like I'm becoming dependent on pain pills. What a predicament, huh?

Some symptoms I experience from my migraines are:
  •  Feeling lightheaded, nauseous
  • Heartbeat constantly pounding in ears
  • Seeing an aura, visual problems
  • PAIN: left temple, behind left eye. Stabbing, searing, throbbing pain
  • Sounds echo and are increased. That mixed with my misophonia = a world of trouble
  • Exhaustion. Just feel drained all over
  • Irritability
  One of the worst things about migraines is they really put your life on hold. What you need to do when you are having an attack is just set everything aside (I mean everything) and just rest. Or try to rest. Sometimes the pain is really so bad that rest and sleep are impossible.

What I do instead a lot of the time is try to go about my normal routine in hopes that the migraine will go away. Like it'll just sense that I'm not having its crap that day and leave me alone. Now, I know that this will never work but I still do it. Why? Because I want to be normal.

Still yet, I am my own worst enemy by doing this.

I'll try to stay off the laptop and do other things like knit or read or watch Netflix. But even those things do not help my migraine.

I think a part of me is, even after all these years, still in denial that something can break me down so much. In college, my migraines were a large part of why I was so full of stress and why I started doing badly in school.

I started vomiting in class, having to take naps in class, having to excuse myself because the fluorescent lights were driving me crazy. Every time I worse sunglasses in class, a part of my accommodations, a student would complain that they should be able to wear their shades as well. The stress really got to me. Then the stress would cause me to have a migraine! It was a never-ending cycle.

Migraines are mental, physical, and emotional drains on your body.

 What I need to learn is that sometimes those migraines are breaks for me. They could be my body's way of telling me I need to stop stressing. I need time away from the laptop and the television. I need peace and quiet and rest.

Joan Didion wrote a piece, one of my favorites, called "In Bed" where she recounts her own experience with migraines. It's really beautiful and when I found myself reading it for an assignment in college, I knew it was just for me.

At the very end of the piece, after talking about how painful migraines are and how much of a burden they are, Didion explains that once a migraine is gone, it's like everything is new again. She says, at the very end of the personal essay, "I count my blessings."

In a way, migraines make for a clean slate. They create this terrible pain and then this giant calm. Afterwards, we are so grateful that we recognize everything anew. We are ready to take on the world.

That is how I hope to look at my migraines. Silver lining in everything, right? They are hated. They are ugly. They are painful.
But they make me grateful.

05 December 2014

Playlist: "It's Raining, It's Pouring"


Rain rain rain rain rain rain...
Go away!

As for dancing in the rain? It's not really my thing--sick people don't want to get even more sick--but maybe these beats might change my mind. Or maybe I can live vicariously through you ;)

Starting off with a really artsy music video, I chose to include this song because...well, just listen to it/watch it and learn why!

"News" by Freddie Dickson is very moody, and I like it. Someone compared it to music Lorde would make. I don't have a problem with that.

The lyrics to this next one are really interesting. The entire song is interesting, honestly. I can see these guys going places.

And just for kicks...

Have you seen any rain lately?

03 December 2014

Wordful Wednesday//Holidaze

Let's face it, the holidays are exhausting for everyone. 

But when you're left tired from simply taking a shower or cooking your own breakfast, you might not be able to make it through what everyone expects you to. Especially when it comes to socializing and engaging in all the hubbub that comes with a full table of family members. 

There's just not enough energy to spend on others when you are trying to look after yourself. 

Aaanddd...that's exactly what happened to me over Thanksgiving. I did try to take part in activities, but my body just couldn't handle it. After about a five hour car ride, I was basically immobilized for two days with my joints all out of whack, auras from both migraines and seizures, and that just horrible crummy feeling all over. While the rest of my family was out eating, or inside playing the games Charades or Catch Phrase, I was tucked under the covers suffering. 

I think what bothered me the most, what really made me cry, what angered me over my illness was that my family all had their picture taken beside the waterfront. Beautiful picture. What was missing? Me. I felt absolutely awful. What's more, I felt invisible. I didn't even want to go onto Facebook to see the pictures there, reminding me of how my illness has taken away my ability to be with my family. 

You know when you're younger, you almost always hate having your picture taken with family, and you really hate going to family gatherings? I remember faking colds so I could get out of them sometimes. 
You're like OH MY GOSH, I want to stay home in my pj's, play video games, and watch TV instead. 
I'm so backwards now. Instead of going to all these holiday dinners, I'm at home, watching Netflix and surfing the web. Always in pain. Always exhausted from being sick and from asking God, "Why?" 

If you caught some crud over the holidays, I hope you get well soon. But I also hope you got to be with your family--to spend that special time with them. Treasure those moments. Even the ones you love to hate. Be grateful for Grandma's horrible fruitcake that no one touches. And make sure to appear in those photos you say you don't want to be in.