19 October 2014

{Widened Horizons}

It's that time. The time when Bath & Body Works release some of their best scents for the home and yep--hand sanitizers galore!
b&bw hand pumpkin fall sanitizers

It's also finally time to break out the leggings (thank heavens!). What better way to say, "Fall's finally here!" than with these floral printed leggings?
desert floral print leggings dark fall

Fall is my favorite season to snuggle up on the couch with a good book.
I still love going to the library and checking out fantasy novels, or just browsing.
So what's better to showcase how much you love books or the library than with a library stamped t-shirt?!
library stamp shirt fun

I tend to only carry purses that will fit around my body instead of on my shoulder. I'm really into crossbody purses, and I'm crazy about the the owl printed one that I carry right now. However, I wouldn't mind trading it out every now and then for this baby--a mini-satchel, to be exact!
purse satchel bow vegan

For this week's owl find, I happened across these nesting bowls that are beyond beautiful. Just too lovely!!
owl ceramic nesting bowls

And finally, even when the tough gets going...
choose joy inspiration motivation

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17 October 2014

Playlist: "It Feels Right"

Bridal Veil Falls III

The weather has been perfect today. Absolutely on point.
The leaves are beginning to change around me, and as I sat outside on the porch today, listening to the bluebirds chirp, I felt a reassuring calm sweep over me.
It's fall. My favorite season. And for some reason, everything just feels right.

This blues-y tune really makes me want to lean back and relax.
And maybe listen to it over and over just so I can belt out the chorus.

I'm almost ashamed to admit I'm just now becoming a member of the St. Vincent fan club. Better late than never though, right? If this is the first song you hear of St. Vincent's, then I can't be happier for you, because it's a far cry from anything I've heard recently--and that's such a wonderful thing.

Vacationer is also new to me. And let me tell you, I couldn't be more excited to find out about this band! So catchy!

Last of all is a song I've been listening to on repeat--a cover of Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas' "Instant Crush." Such sweet, innocent voices singing-AND CLAPPING--let me escape into that place of almost being asleep, but still managing to bob my head. 

What do you think? Any of these songs feel right to you?

15 October 2014

Wordful Wednesday//What's That Sound? (Misophonia)

For years now--really ever since I can remember--I've had problems with different noises to the point where I get frustrated, almost hulking out

I hate eating close together with anyone because I hate having to hear the noises they make when they chew. Recently, for instance, my mother was biting down on an apple as I was talking to her and I had to leave the room. I had suddenly wanted to yell at her and rip the apple out of her mouth. 

It sounds silly, but for those who suffer from misophonia, it's no joke. In fact, misophonia--the decreased tolerance to, or even hatred of sounds--can cause panic attacks or severely limit one's daily life. 

One thing I've realized is that most sounds that bother me are man-made. I don't typically get ticked off by natural sounds; in fact, I welcome them. The sounds of cows mooing, trees swaying in the breeze, rain falling. All of that is soothing to me. 

However, someone slurping on their coffee, repetitively clearing their throat or sniffling, even someone breathing heavily can all set me off. And look--all of those sounds I just listed come from a human being. Like anyone else, I can get easily peeved off by a car's loud bass or heavy equipment, but nothing enrages me like someone biting their nails or sucking on a cough drop. 

I've mentioned my experience with misophonia on the blog before, talking about how even my dad's loud voice would drive me to tears. I would have to wear headphones to block him out, or worse, avoid him. 

Like I mentioned in my previous post, all of this may sound silly and like a huge temper tantrum--or just a pet peeve. But misophonia is a neurological disorder. The noises that upset us vary, and can be noises you don't even think about. "Sucking on a cough drop," for instance. This one gets me every time, and is one that confuses the heck out of my mother. It's not even a loud noise to her. It's not even a loud noise at all, really. And that's one of the mysteries of the disease. 

It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Lyme disease that I even heard about misophonia. 
My Lyme Literate Medical Doctor asked me questions like
"Do noises bother you?" or
"Do you get upset at your family members when they make certain noises?"

That's when it was explained what exactly was going on with me, why I wasn't crazy, and how I had managed to become a "misophonic"--through Lyme. 

Many people with Lyme disease suffer from misophonia, and many understand what is going on. However, many do not. There's also the fact that many sufferers of misophonia understand what is going on yet may have Lyme disease, unknowingly. 

Misophonia isn't the most common thing to happen to people in the world, but it still deserves attention and awareness. 

I'm not saying, "Stop making all the little noises that you make because it could potentially trigger someone." 
I'm saying, "If someone asks you to stop making a noise, please stop it." 
I'm saying, "If you think you may be triggered by noises to the point where you hate the source of the sound, seek knowledge and help."

Even though there is not yet a cure, there are a few ways of managing misophonia. 
The best and easiest thing that works for me, which may sound too simple, is actually headphones. 
There is also cognitive therapy, desensitization therapy, etc. 

Just make sure you are doing what is best for your body, and look out for the well-being of others. 

12 October 2014

{Widened Horizons}

I've been craving a real statement piece of jewelry--a ring, in particular. I want one that looks nice when stacked upon, or when standing alone. I found this sunstone ring and immediately thought it was a "fall" kind of jewelry piece. I love the band and how it's almost fantasy-like. OH witchy ring...  
sunstone gem fall autumn ring

I used to own the frilliest, girliest day bed when I was young, and I still dream about it sometimes. Nothing, however, and I mean nothing compares to this Orwell day bed "with heavy quilted curtains which fold down easily insulating from sound and light." Doesn't that sound perfect?! If you're not already sold...take a gander...
day bed sound noise isolating awesome quilt
There are more wonderful pictures on the linked site, of course.
I just can't quit thinking about this damn bed ever since I spotted it the other day. Can I add it to my Amazon wishlist?

Fun fact about me: I love paisley prints. Another fun fact about me: I love brooches but never get to wear them. I spied this fun little autumn-reminiscent paisley brooch and had to share!
paisley flower brooch cute embroidered

You either love Betsey Johnson or you hate her. While I definitely think she goes overboard sometimes, consider me a big fan. I can definitely find some cute toned down goodies of hers at Ross or Stein Mart. I really love her scarves. I typically get the wild prints, but this buffalo check scarf in blue is just calling out to me.
betsey johnson scarf blue infinity

My favorite food that I've been gorging on lately? Pumpkin spice greek yogurt! Yes, yes, everything is pumpkin spice flavored now. But listen to me. This stuff is delicious. I normally am not a yogurt fan. It takes a lot of peer pressure and a lot of flavor to get me to down yogurt (it's a long story). But my mom came home the other day, toting these bright orange packages of Chobani yogurt, a little smirk on her face. She knows me too well. I am in love with yogurt again (OK, maybe just pumpkin spice yogurt). Check out a review about it here if you need even more of a kick in the rear to get you to go try it for yourself.
greek yogurt pumpkin spice chobani

The owl find this time around is jut ADORABLE. (And affordable.) I was drifting around Amazon's huge search list for "owl" items and came up with this hoodie. It only comes in size S/M so I'm out of the picture, but for any followers out there who are as owl crazy as me, I beg you, wear this and wear this proudly.
owl hoodie oh my gosh cute

Now please, go find a way to be happy today:
be happy always yourself

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09 October 2014

Thursday Threads: Icon


Icon by thezorya featuring a hinged bangle
Floral cutout dress, $32 / Morgan beige top, $88 / Calvin Klein slip on shoes / Topshop shopping tote, $61 / Principles by Ben de Lisi hinged bangle, $16 / Burberry fragrance

The most expensive item in this set is the Burberry My Burberry perfume! I sampled it about a week back and have been in awe of it ever since.

When I spotted the burgundy suede bag, I knew I had to find a floral dress to go along with it, and what's better to pair with a cute little dress other than a cardigan?

I'm really rooting for one of my followers to buy this bangle because I'm broke right now and can't. I love the mixed metal aspect and I think it would just be adorable with this fall weather!

Have you tried out Burberry's new perfume?