06 February 2016

{Widened Horizons}

The rainy weather has really taken a toll on my body here lately.
But it has also meant lots of tea for me to consume!

With that being said, you need to check out this really cool tea product my sister-in-law bought for me and that I've enjoyed with every cup of tea I've made!
I love that it holds my tea bag's string in place--that's one of my favorite features. However, it also: keeps your tea hot, allows you to squeeze the tea bag, and holds your teabag after use. I couldn't recommend it more.
tea bag buddy awesome cool

I don't know if it's because I've been watching the new X-Files or what, but this evidence pouch definitely reminds me of that TV series.
evidence pouch zipper

I'm all for big scarves, but I don't really like blanket scarves. Enter: chunky infinity scarves. I love how you can make this scarf a bit versatile and the leather cuff accessorizes it perfectly.
chunky infinity jersey scarf leather

I kind of have a quirky thing for coasters. I don't have many (several are vintage, one set is Game of Thrones related), but I do like to check them out every now and then. These comic book coasters featuring female superheros rock my boat! I especially love the fact that they added in Dorothy from Wizard of Oz!
comic book coasters female superheros fun

I love seeing what Etsy has to offer in the form of makeup. There are some really neat pieces that could fix me up in no time and leave me feeling better about what I'm putting on my face. I'm especially intrigued by lip products, like this bright red vegan lipstick called "Damsel." It's a good price too at $9.
vegan lipstick red damsel

OK, brace yourselves...the owl find is a little aged but it's SO COOL. They are said to be owl paper clips but can be used for other decorative ways. I wish I could come up with a fresh way to incorporate them into my already owl-filled bedroom! Give me ideas!
owl paper clips vintage cool

Now...go be kind!
kindness confetti be kind

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28 January 2016

Thursday Threads: Addicted to Love

Addicted to Love

Valentine's Day is closing in on us and it's always a fun time to pick something flirty and lovely to wear, even if you're just heading out with your gal friends!

Since it's a holiday that is traditionally full of the colors pink and red, I just had to have a pretty little pink cardigan added in here. It's not too formal so it's something you could even wear with jeans if you wanted, and in fact, it looks pretty comfortable. Don't you think?

I am pretty sure when I first saw this mini skirt I drooled a little. I love the wrap-front! It's details like this that I think are sweet and really add some "oomph" to an outfit.

Speaking of "oomph," if you've not had the miraculous chance to smell the Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb" perfume, then you need to head over to your nearest Sephora or wherever because it's the...well...bomb. It's sensual and innocent at the same time. I would wear this both on a first date and on a special night. It's just an amazing combination and one of my favorite perfumes.

The last thing I'm going to comment on is the shoes. OMG SHOES. I've never really worn Charlotte Russe shoes before, but these look really nice and almost the same as a pair I saw at Nordstorm but about half the price. However, just wondering, have any of you had experience with the brand's shoes? Comfy or a total pain? Let me know

I hope this inspires your outfit for Valentine's Day! I'll probably be in sweatpants but maybe they'll at least be pink!

11 January 2016

Ready for the New Year (in Quotes)

It's a new year and a new time to better yourself! 

I don't typically make resolutions, but I do like to reflect back on the previous year and think about how I can possibly change aspects of myself or my situations so that I'm a happier and healthier me.

Yeah, this post is a little late...not the best way to start the new year when it comes to trying to better my blog...but I definitely had a hard beginning for 2016. (Already sick, I know.) Between recuperating from the holidays, migraines squeezing the life out of me, and fatigue so rough 2-3 naps a day are nothing to mess with, I just haven't had time for anything besides focusing on ME. Not even in a fun way like a "spa day," just a "lights off, head under the covers, knocked out from pills" kind of thing. Maybe that actually is what some people consider a spa day. Who knows?

All I know is that I really enjoy quotes when I'm feeling down and need some motivation.
Not only is now a perfect time for some motivating quotes, but it's a perfect time to talk about the new year and beginnings and life!

Are you ready, new year? I'm heading your way!

socrates quote change  

This first quote works for me because I constantly live in the past. I noticed a lot of people are focusing on trying to stay in the present for one of their resolutions this year. I want to do more than that; I want to go even further. Because the future doesn't have to be just daydreams for me anymore if I work on building it.

rilke quote motivational

"Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final."
--Rainer Maria Rilke

I have to remember that all the bad stuff I'm feeling at one moment--as overwhelming as it may be--can suddenly change into a feeling of miraculous delight. But I have to be grateful for those moments of joy, because the whole "no feeling is final" concept can go both ways. It also reminds me to TRY more--of everything. Try and fail at more things, try and be rejected, try and develop more of a thick skin. I don't want to have a mediocre life that consists of me just doing the same routine over and over again. I want to live life and let everything happen to me.

quote life motivational

"Why are we here?"
"To enjoy the ride."
That's my answer and I'm sticking to it. This quote definitely reminds me of how one of my former teachers described art therapy: it's more about the process than the product. Instead of spending so much time on a piece of work that you are concentrating purely on what the outcome will be, relax and enjoy how lovely the colors are blending and appreciate how soothing it feels to draw circles repetitively. It isn't always about what you're going to hang on the fridge because art (and life) is messy, and not everybody in the world wants to showcase their messes. But if your mess made you feel something--anything at all--it's worth it to hang on the fridge because it gave you an experience. It took you for a ride.

golda meir quote motivation  

You can always better yourself! Improve upon yourself! Make the most of yourself.
I believe I've been blessed--I'm a beautiful human being! I need to remind myself of this every single day and make it to where I can kick it up a notch with some improvements. And I want to do this FOR myself, not for anybody else. That's the way it works around here!

eckhart tolle life motivation

And for this last quote--and this last sentence--all I have left to say is...it's a new year, so let loose and go with the flow, if only to see where it takes you!

17 December 2015

B-Healthy with NeoCell Biotin Bursts (Review)

Because I'm so sick all the time, I try pretty hard to take good care of myself.

How do I keep my body healthy when I can?
Here's a sweet little image for you... (love how the owl figurine in the background is photobombing the pic).

healthy life biotin bursts neocell vitamins

First of all, as you can see on the far right, I have my reusable water bottle. And not just because it's purple and pretty, but because it's convenient to use, good for the earth, oh right! and because I'm able to drink the right amount of water my body needs every single day.

The Garcinia Cambogia dietary supplement I reviewed already, and am mainly still taking for the energy benefits. I think if my body wasn't in such a fatigued state, it would be doing me even more wonders!

While I have been on probiotics for years, it seems like the kind of acidophilus I take has changed several times for...well...no real reason. At this moment I'm taking Hyperbiotics Immune & Wellness probiotics. I like them because they have 4 billion CFU. Since most of your immune system is actually in your gut, I want to have as much as that good bacteria in me as possible.

Even though the particular probiotic I currently take does contain Zinc, every now and then--particularly in the winter time!--I will dose myself with some extra Zinc. My immune system is too vulnerable at this time of year when all you have to do is step outside and get the cold or the flu. So I try to take extra, preventative steps!

Speaking of preventative steps...Feverfew and Butterbur extract are two herbal supplements I take to try to prevent migraines. My migraines are very frequent and pretty severe, so you might say these herbs do nothing for me, but I've noticed whether it's by coincidence or not, that when I do take the herbal supplements less, my migraines are pretty destructive. 

Now...you're probably wondering what that pretty package is on top of my Lyme disease "medicine toolbox."
And I'm sure by now you've heard of the B vitamin Biotin. Well, these are NeoCell's Biotin Bursts!

Besides having a pretty exterior, the interior is unique as well. There's a sealed package inside with individually wrapped "vitamin bursts" inside! I love how this keeps them fresh and safe.

biotin bursts sealed fresh package

The flavor that I received--Brazilian Acai Berry--is so yummy. I think it's so smart to have both the packaging beautiful and the "treats" inside so yummy. You can't always get both of those, you know. The flavor is pretty sweet with just a hint of tartness (I like that though). That kind of makes it hard to take just one a day, but at least you'll remember to take them! And they're not just simple ole soft chews--they're GOURMET. The wording of that makes me feel like I'm putting the best of the best in my body.

purple gourmet chews vitamin b biotin

Biotin is supposedly the B vitamin that promotes hair growth, keeps skin healthy, and hardens nails. And what really got my attention about these purple bites is that they each contain 10,000 mcg of Biotin! WOW! I was not able to try these NeoCell Biotin Bursts out for as long as I would have liked (I've used them now for about two weeks); however, my facial skin has been somewhat softer. Not sure whether it's because of the gourmet soft chews or not yet.

I'm definitely going to continue using these until I've run out of the 30 day vitamins because I do want to see if these do anything--mainly for my nails that I pick at every day--but also because if I do notice anything, I want to come back here and update y'all on my progress!

*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

26 November 2015

Thursday Threads: Classy Cable

Flying Through Fall

How's about a look for Thanksgiving today?!

Okay, so I'm pretty sure this is a cable knit sweater. The pattern looks like it anyway. I'd still buy it just because it's so chunky. Chunky sweaters for fall/winter? You betcha. OH, and do you like the tweed skirt with the knit sweater? I love how it's mixing both patterns and fabrics.

I chose the tasseled booties and the neutral crossbody bag to go with this outfit because I didn't want this to end up on the gloomy side, but also because I thought it made the outfit a little bit sweeter.

The ear cuff and the nail polish can take this to the dangerous side, and aren't they just divine? That shade of nail polish-- "Miss Independent"--seems perfect for autumn, and who can't tell me ear cuffs aren't all the rage right now? I picked this dazzling one because I thought it could be daring but not too over-the-top. Just right.

I did have trouble coming up with a perfume that would work with these threads. Any ideas?