24 January 2014

Etsy Favorites: Neck of the Woods

Antler cuff bracelet

This would look darling paired with some turquoise earrings. For me, the antlers symbolize power. I don't think you could get away with wearing this cuff without feeling a sense of strength. I say wear it on the days when you know you'll need that extra boost. But really--you're fabulous enough already. 

Hand painted tree teapot

Considering it's been nothing but downright chilly outside, instead of actually venturing out into the woods, welcoming the woods inside your home is a cozy alternative with this beautiful teapot. I love how it's still a little reminder of winter, with the bare trees cast against the black of the teapot, yet it is not necessarily gloomy. If I had this, I would have guests over, serve them some yummy hot tea, and feel like a polar vortex geisha! 

Lavender wood perfume oil
Lavender essential oil with "accents of sandalwood, cedar, amber resin, and vetiver," this scent sounds perfect to get you through those days when you are daydreaming about tramping through the trails of the forest but are stuck at work, at home, or in the city. I also think it sounds very sensual, and with Valentine's Day coming up...well, you might want to grab this one so that you're not overpowering that special someone, but still sending the hint that you might want a little more than just a kiss on the cheek after dinner. 

Bee earrings
I'm so psyched about these little honey bee earrings. Not only would you be grabbing attention because of how adorable these are (look at their honey drops!), but you could use the attention to buzz about the decline of honey bees and how it can affect each of us negatively.

Tree and stars storage bucket
First off, the creator of this beauty, jennarosehandmade, creates such wonderful, well-made items and I haven't seen anything I didn't like ever since I saw her shop name pop up in a treasury on etsy about a year ago. I'm itching to buy some storage items from her, but she always is coming up with something new...it's like I'm waiting for the one. This particular bucket wouldn't match anything in my room, but I wish it would. It's nothing too luxurious, but it could definitely liven up a room. Especially if you bought the matching hamper

Hooded cape w/ kangaroo pocket
I know this isn't red, but when I first saw this, for whatever reason I thought "Little Red Riding Hood chic." I love how it's all tightly knit except for the mesh arms, how you have a kangaroo pocket, and of course how there's a HOOD. I'm not saying this is going to keep you warm in 9 degree weather, bless, but if you're thinking about going for an edgy photoshoot inside, conjuring up that innocent Red (or...gray) on her way to grandmother's house (or the mall), then here's something I would pick! 

Hand painted rain drop mug
Wouldn't a set of these be adorable in your cupboard for when everyone was packed up and ready to go on an adventure but then big ol' fat drops of rain started pouring down? Instead of setting up a temper tantrum about it, you could set up a tea party ;) You know how that song goes...tea for two...

Abstract sliced wood art
Definitely one of my favorite items from etsy I've seen over the past few weeks. It never ceases to amaze me how someone can create something that captures my eye which is simply circles and wood. But think of the effort that's went into this piece. And the colors are just...ugh! They make me think of a little creek with a slight waterfall, full of both beauty and algae at the same time. OK, I'm kind of describing the creek by my grandparent's house, but I can't help it if the colors in this remind me of it! What do the colors make you think of?

Vintage 1960s owl sculpture
Finally, you knew it was coming...an owl find. I really want this little guy because I haven't seen many like him. The shape of him is different, the way his eyes aren't colored in, and the back of him (which you don't see here but trust me, it's kind of creepy). He is the sole reason I hate shipping fees. I would scoop him up so fast, you don't even understand. But then there's the shipping... Why can I never find little buddies like him when I go out thrifting? Someone buy him and accept him into their home, please! I can't stand to look at him any longer. 

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