29 January 2014

The "Silent" Playlist

via Robert Hiscock

I thought it would be fun to create a playlist composed of songs with lyrics that all include the words either "silent," "silence," or "quiet."

The idea came to me when I peeked out my window this morning and saw--snow!--when I normally see little birds pecking about. All was calm and I couldn't for the life of me hear one single bird nor one farm animal (which is really unusual).

The songs are varied in genre for the most part, but I like how they did come nicely together as a group.

To listen, my playlist--titled Hush--is over at Grooveshark.

I was going to make a playlist over at 8tracks, but I'm a little miffed at them for changing their rules around. It's like you can only stream two or three playlists per whatever limit now. So, I always come crawling back to Grooveshark. Here's hoping they don't go changin' on me.

If you're catching some snowfall like me and have to be out in the weather, I'll drink some hot tea for you ;)
If you don't have to go out on the slick roads, then take a moment and listen to the silence around you (if you are afforded any!). Then listen to my playlist.

Have a good day!

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