02 January 2014

Thursday Threads: Long Goodbyes

I may have gone a little J.Crew crazy with this one, but I couldn't help it after finding these adorable metallic outfitted ballet flats, and then this tweed pencil skirt! I looo-oooo-oooo-ve tweed. I currently have a tweed jacket as well as a tweed newsboy cap, but a tweed pencil skirt?! There are so many options to go with that!

I love airy tops, and this one is from Target for only $16.99. Plus, it has one of those lovely crocheted backs with just a small/medium sized opening so you can still wear a bra with it.

This necklace is actually an accessory I have been craving. Some might think it's almost old-school with the fringe, but I would say fringe jewelry is coming back. But what really makes it--and why I would certainly want this necklace--is the beads mixed in. Steve Madden, you did it again.

Finally, the bag. When looking for a carry-all to go with this outfit, I came across the Neiman Marcus' Last Call website. Uh...am I the only person to not know about the amazing deals here? I mean, this bag...at 50% off...is $37.50. And it's so pretty! It's mature, but not too much, and even though some might be turned off by it being faux-leather, the beauty and size make up for it...oh, and the PRICE!

Are you finding any good deals at the start of the new year? 

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