12 January 2014

{Widened Horizons}

Ten items of interest are on the list for today's "Widened Horizons" post, including an owl find! 

In case you've been wondering where I've been the past few days, dealing with a chronic illness obviously means having good days and bad days, but the bad days have piled up as of late. The more that I've become sick recently, the less things I've thought to write about, or the less I've been able to write (no energy!).

Today, I originally wanted to write about something that happened locally in the news that has been bothering me, but whether I'll get around to actually writing what I want to about it, I don't know. Just be warned, there may be some heavy ranting or lecturing about mental illness stigma coming up.

But for now, while I'm dying of heat stroke and hypothermia at the same time in my bed, enjoy what I've gathered for you!...

1. Art: Nomad Patterns by Livia Marin 
Seeing beautiful ceramics broken and melted should have me tearing my eyes out, but instead, the pieces by Livia Marin seem to give off a vibe of something that--even though I can't quite explain it--I really enjoy. It seems therapeutic and a little bit messy but elegant and preserved at the same time. I think she chose perfectly decorated pieces to work with. You can more than likely tell I'm no art major, but just like anyone, I can appreciate artwork; if you have the same tastes as me, don't be shy on checking out the link above to see more of the pieces or even to check out Livia Marin's portfolio.

It's just so cute! From everything to the kiss lock down to the polka dotted Eiffel Tower. I can't help but admire kiss locks because they remind me of vintage ladies. So sweet, this one!

Speaking of sweet, I can't quit thinking about this daisy covered garden journal, ready for you to record information like what you have in bloom, what you purchased, even photos! It's such a cute idea for gardeners; I can already see this making a great gift for Mother's Day! 

Doesn't this aquamarine throw automatically make you feel a little drowsy? It should come paired with a book you can nosedive into and a cup of hot tea (I'm thinking chamomile). 

5. Was one of your resolutions to start yoga? Good for you! It seems like a hot trend right now, I know, with everyone imagining it just being a "fad" that's going to die out. But what you might not know is that yoga has been around for a much longer time than we may have guessed. 
Here's an image found in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera in Egypt of the goddess, Nut, in a plow pose. 
via www.thedivineportal.com

Unusual jewelry always seems to be where I want to spend my money but where I find myself unable because of the ungodly prices. This baby is unique, beautiful, and purple at only $30! 

7. Do you swoon over a good bookshelf like me? Then you have to swerve on over to this post at the blog "Travelling With A Hint of Fashion" to really check out some goodies. My favorite image is posted below!

Valentine's Day may be off for another month yet, but to me, this looks like the perfect clutch for that romantic day without screaming hearts and "x"s and "o"s. Not to mention you can use it many more times than just on that smushy-face day!

I want this pillow so badly! OK, I kinda already have way too many pillows so this little guy is out of the question, but maybe not for you folks! Seriously, isn't he adorable?! H-owl cute is he? Whooo woodn't want him? ...I'll go ahead and stop myself for you. Just let me mention one thing: he is holding a flower with his leaf-like wings. A flower. For you. Take him home please, for me! 

10. And finally, like the usual last stop on this crazy train, a quote... 

“If you care about what others think of you, then you will always be their slave.”
James Frey 

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