08 January 2014

Wordful Wednesday//"Reasons Why"

I've been rather down lately, mainly due to my health and issues relating back to it, so the few poems I've written lately have been extreme party poopers.

The poem I'm posting today isn't anything particularly lively or bright, but it's not near as somber as my personal poems either. I chose it mainly because it was parallel to how I have been feeling, but also because it's a beautiful poem. I especially like the usage of indentation as well as how there's no usage of punctuation because, if you read the poem aloud, it gives it a different feel as opposed to one large stanza.

"Reasons Why" by Kathleen Novak

if we are lonely
it might be because
             we let go too soon
             or hung on too long
             we walked too far or
             we didn't walk far enough or
             we should have run
             or stood still
             we asked the wrong question
             or planted the wrong answer
             and winds soothe
             when they should be tearing
             and night teases
             when it should come strong
             and we are lonely
             together apart together away
             we are needing to give
             as much as we are needing to get
if we are lonely
it might be because
             there is not one thing
             that reaches so far
             nor stretches so wide
             as empty
             as empty.

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