17 March 2014

What a Frabjous Day for Whimsy + Wild!

It's actually not a very frabjous day at all...the wind, the rain, possibly some ice, and unfortunately many creaking, aching joints for me.

But after winning some truly fetching items from Julie and her shop, Whimsy + Wild, I couldn't resist featuring them. They are just too pretty for me not to show them off to you guys! So in light of that, it's a cause for celebration of some really cute paper goods that I'm about to brag all about.

Whimsy + Wild is a neat little shop featuring Julie's art. The store right now contains some beautiful hand-lettered art prints as well as some illustrated notepads. When I first browsed the shop, my eye was immediately caught by one of the notepads (which you'll see below), and not only have I just loved the thing so far, but even my dad thought it was pretty cool. I'm sure you all will think it's snazzy as well.

Even though I didn't order anything from the shop--it was a giveaway winning--there was a slight mix-up with USPS and Julie was the biggest sweetheart about it, ever. She could have shrugged it off like a few people in the past have done, or not reached out to me, etc. But she checked in with me repeatedly, keeping me updated, and was so awesome about the whole thing that I felt like an actual customer--a well-treated one, at that.

I can guarantee if you buy something from her, she will be the friendliest person you've ever bought from. I'm definitely keeping my eye on the shop, waiting to see if something comes in stock that catches my eye again because not only are Julie's pieces beautiful, but she was just amazing to work with!

When I got my goodies, I was so excited! Everything was sealed in clear bags (which are apparently recyclable), and just looked so pristine. Julie had even written me a little congratulatory note. So cute!
first look whimsy + wild

I picked this print because, well, the lettering is just gorgeous. But also because I think it's a very wise, powerful, and resonating statement. (Plus, the black and white will look nice in my room ha.)
print whimsy + wild

The second item I picked was this killer notepad. IT IS SO COOL. I'm a little obsessed with notepads. They're sprawled all around my room, but I still use the heck out of them. I have a feeling this one is going to be a permanent addition to my desk.
notepad whimsy + wild

Here are some deets on how to contact Julie, but there are plenty of other social media sites she's on such as Pinterest or Instagram.
julie whimsy + wild

Thanks for joining me on my boast session today and for looking at my pretty things with me.
If you want to own some pretty things yourself, remember to go to the shop!

Now...to get shit done...

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