03 August 2014

{Widened Horizons}

Sorry I haven't been around for a few days--I had a lumbar puncture, otherwise known as a spinal tap.
All I have to say about that is ouch. I'm still tender!

But because I've been able to do nothing but basically lie still, flat on my back, I've had plenty of time to find some goodies for Widened Horizons.

First off, I would really like to be here right now...plodding along the path, just enjoying nature.
path field flowers
It looks so serene to me!
(Does anyone know the source?)

These purple wooden earrings would look great dangling from my ears as I walked down that path ;)
They have a dainty, vintage feel to them and oh--they're my favorite color.
wood bamboo floral earrings

I have an obsession with buying tons of journals and then...well, I write in them...but I keep buying them, and well...you get the gist.
This suede journal made my mouth water. The colors are so bold and daring--especially this turquoise. Plus, it even has a little place for your pencil (and the fact that it includes a pencil is even better!).
journal pencil suede beautiful

I was looking at clothes on the website Tibi, and ended up finding this spectacular dress.
The color--which is "mint"--would look great on pale skin, and really any color actually. I just find the little ruffles at the bottom compared to the rest of the dress's chicness to be so darling.
mint color sleeveless dress sleeveless dress pretty ruffle

The owl find for today is cute, functional, and luxurious.
Soap! I don't actually know what "white lychee" smells like. But I would be willing to give it a try!
owl soap scent

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