29 July 2014

Playlist: "Dream Dancer"

This week's playlist--mostly consisting of indie pop tunes--has some dreamy elements to it as well as some very catchy lyrics and choruses. Hence..."dream dancer."

Even though I of course pretty much listen to music constantly, I didn't think I would be listening to this song as much as I have recently. I just love the youth chorale that chimes in for the chorus--so beautiful! This entire song is ethereal and enchanting and oh, I just love it.

Definitely reminding me of The Strokes, this band has got me so excited! Their music just makes me want to dance and dance and dance.

A little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, a little bit of an indie tune...this one just always has me tapping my foot. This is the kind of song I'd pick for a road trip.

The lyrics here are a little sad, which, when set alongside cheerful music, is always something I've been guilty to enjoy. These lyrics are really smart, though, and they still sound awesome! (The song also has clapping. I love clapping!)

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