21 July 2014

Macabre Monday: Delivery (The Beast Within)

the beast within poster

Found footage films really seem to have some type of control over me; it definitely stems from The Blair Witch Project. (Can you believe it's been 15 years since that movie came out, by the way?)

When I found out this horror film was set up as a reality show about pregnancy that soon goes wrong, I was rocked by how good of an idea that sounded. The beginning of the film is all the gooey, mushy reality TV stuff, but it's still interesting. It lets us get to know the characters, for one thing, which a lot of horror movies miss the opportunity of doing. The rest of the film is what was not included for the audience members of the "reality TV show." It contains what the character, Rachel, who is pregnant throughout the film, calls "proof." 

What separates Delivery from most other films in the found footage genre is the lack of jump scares. There are a few, and yes, you have the typical "spooky" camera effects/glitches going on as well as some other weird, unexplained events. However, for the most part, this movie relies heavily on tension. I enjoyed that a lot more than some nonsensical scare tactics. 

There are also some unnerving parts of the film that are just...abnormal. They are there, of course, to show the debilitating psychological state of Rachel, and when you see what is going on in the house and what must be going on in Rachel's head, you start to get the creeps
delivery goosebumps
Uh, you comfy there? 
What tore me up more than anything was the ending. I'm trying not to give anything away, so all I will say is that I was shocked, I wasn't expecting it at all, and I applaud the director for making it that way. It could have went down the drain, but instead, it was something I could appreciate and sit here and truly say I thought horrific.

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