13 July 2014

{Widened Horizons}

If it's not my liver, it's my _____.
I've learned to deal with pain, but new pain is always frightening. We are scared of the unknown, after all.
Recently my body has decided to gift me with pain in my abdomen. So I'm sick and hurting again. What's new?!

How is your day? Are you enjoying the warm weather with a floppy hat and flippy flops? Or are you cooling off inside with some iced tea and watermelon? Let me know after another Widened Horizons. 

For starters, how about some Shirley Temple lip balm? You know you want some of this sweetness!
shirley temple lip

You know what else is sweet? Honey. And when you think of honey, you of course think of...bees! I seem to post a lot of bee related items. I honestly have no idea why, but this "hive" pillow cover is too cute to pass up.
hive bee pillow

I love it when jewelry is designed to be edgy but a little bit classy as well. These skull earrings fit that perfectly. (And they fit my budget too!)
pearl skull earrings

Lamps are such wonderful decor pieces. Although a tad expensive for me, this gorgeous "lotus lamp" would light up a room in more ways than one.
lotus lamp

As for the owl find, I've come across a cute ceramic bowl set! The simple yet adorable features of the owls (especially the eyes) just really got to me. I would love to add this set to my collection.
owl ceramic bowl

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