08 September 2014

Macabre Monday: Antisocial

antisocial social media movie

Revolving around the idea that a social media site similar to Facebook is to blame for a virus turning people into zombie-like creatures, the movie Antisocial actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

It was almost like a PSA though. I half-expected a voice to claim at any moment, “Parents, tell your kids to hop off the Internet and enjoy the outdoors instead.” I don't know if the directors really intended for that to come across in their horror film...

The five college kids the film centers on are soon told by friends and news broadcasts that something terrible has happened and to stay inside, not letting anyone in or out. The tenseness of moments like that are palpable, and you know an apocalyptic turn is about to happen.

What is really not stressed is how great of an apocalypse this is. While we see footage from the characters' Internet, the few times we get a glimpse of “out there” is when the creatures come inside, which actually, isn't as often as I would have preferred.

laptop internet antisocial movie
They even watch live webcam feed of a girl stuck with the virus

There are a few scenes of “death by ___” which weren't extremely creative, but I enjoyed them anyhow.

I did like the ending to an extent but I'm still rolling over in my head exactly how I feel about it. Maybe that's a good thing—it's kept me thinking about it.

As for our college kids, well...you'll see just how connected they are to social media.

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