29 September 2014

Macabre Monday: List of Creepy Crawly Stories

It's not Halloween yet--it's not even October--but I'm already digging into horror books/stories that I've read before or that are on my TBR list. 
Okay, that's actually a year-round theme for me, but I really get going when the terror season comes to town. 

  • It by Stephen King 
I believe most people have probably seen this classic horror film by now, but unless you're a Stephen King fan, you may not have read the book--probably due to its off-putting size. (Or because of the spooky clown.) 

I actually first read this book when I was in the fifth or sixth grade (I had an adult library card, yes ma'am!), and every day riding home on the bus, I would scare myself silly as spitballs fired around me and boys played AC/DC on their CD players. Yep, smack dab in the terror of school-bus-riding, I was being terrorized by a clown shape-shifting and bursting through toilets. 

If there's one thing from this brilliant novel that will always stick with me, it's that toilets are never safe. 

stephen king book it cover

This spooky read, which I reviewed here, is sure to creep you out to the max. Full of freaky imagery, freaky happenings, and freaky...freaks...you'll probably get a few good chuckles in, but be a little weary about reading the book in the dark at the same time. 

If bugs give you the creepy crawlies, look no further for a book to truly give you the heebie jeebies. Or maybe, look away. 

parasite book cover yuck scary

The only item on this list not a book, this short story is one of my favorites from Lovecraft. 

The best advice I can give about this story is to not read anything about it beforehand. I'm not even going to give you anymore details about it for fear of spoiling it for you. 

hp lovecraft outsider cover horror spooky

Yet another creepy crawly to muck around with, this book (that I wrote a review on Goodreads about here) was a clear winner in the horror genre for me last year. 

I still think about this book sometimes, and I read it last summer! If there ever was a book that made me first of all, scared of parasites and second of all, a little scared of boy scouts, this would be it. 

the troop parasite book cover

I'm sure there will be more lists similar to this next month, so be on the lookout!

Do you have any favorite horror stories?

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