27 September 2014

Playlist: "Daze"

Beams of light

I've been feeling dazed (and confused?) recently. Worse is, I don't know the reason why.
Good news is my anxiety has been down and instead of concentrating on every little detail in my life and everyone else's, I'm just going to sit outside in this alarmingly crisp fall weather and let my hair down.

Maybe you'll follow in my footsteps...taking these tunes with you of course!

To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of Kimbra, but this funky little song is too catchy to write off. Her soothing but passionate voice fits right in with what I think of as '70s atmospheric music (updated slightly ha).

It's definitely been a bright day! Even if it wasn't, this song would have you thinking otherwise. It's so cheery and indie and full of cute guitar chords (yes, cute). You also may have noticed--IT HAS CLAPPING.

YEAH BOYEEE. That's exactly what I want to yell out every time I hear this song start to come on. I love every single sound in this song and the voices: glorious man voices.

What songs are you kicking it to right now?

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