28 September 2014

{Widened Horizons}

It's rough going when you feel like you've had barely any sleep; I've been having nightmare after nightmare lately.
However, while most of us tend to think that's a bad thing, research might offer up another conclusion. In the video below, not only are there statements on nightmares, but on the dream world itself (and what would happen if you suddenly stopped visiting it).

Handmade home decor items are my Achilles' heel. Which is why, when I came across these ceramic pear cuties with real twig stems, I knew I had to share!
pear trio ceramic fall

While I adore my own headboard, that doesn't mean I can't still look at other headboards! (You know, look but don't touch.) I came across this phenomenal storage headboard at the BHG website, and I freaked out. It's adorable!
storage drawer organization headboard

I've been back into candles lately, and so for this week's owl find, I discovered this vintage owl candle holder from the '70s. It's in great shape, and I love anything vintage!
etsy vintage owl candle

I really need to take this advice myself:
advice quote inspiration motivation

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