15 February 2015

Where's That Girl?

I know I haven't been gone too terribly long from my blog, but I do know I won't be back too terribly soon.

There has been some grief surrounding me, my family, and my friends recently. Loss is never easy to deal with, and it never gets any easier. My father especially has had a rough time as of late, and it has been challenging watching him try to get by and to try to understand what has happened. If you pray, I would really love for you to pray for my family right now.

On top of everything, we've all been incredibly ill. Which, you can imagine, is not going too well with me since I'm already sick.

I'll still be on twitter every now and then, and my e-mail is always open, but I do not know when I'll actually get back to my blogging schedule. There's just been a cloud of depression hanging above my head lately.

I will say I've had one good thing happen: we got a pup.
Her name is Paisley, she's adorable, and she's half Yorkie/half Shih Tzu.
I'll leave you guys a picture of her cute face since this post has been nothing but sadness. She will alleviate all of that, trust me.

shorkie pup puppy yoshi paisley

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