14 April 2015

Playlist: "Simply Sweetly Spring"

Power Flower 

Spring rain has been overwhelming, but when the sunshine manages to poke through, I remember why I love this season so much!

I love listening to the rain, though. And I love listening to birds chirping. And just the overall general sounds of spring. But I love listening to music too! So here's some tunes for ya:

This song is gentle, enticing, and CATCHY. I have listened to it so much. They don't even have to ask me if I'm listening because of course I am!

Speaking of gentle and enticing...this song is both...and just sweet and flirty and fun. It makes me want to twirl around outside in the grass, barefoot in my favorite dress.

I love cover songs. But who would ever think a banjo would work in Lera Lynn's cover of TV On The Radio's "Wolf Like Me"? Needless to say...God I like it.

When I discovered this last song, I wasn't quite sure if I really liked it or not. Now, after having listened to it for...let's just say a fair amount of times...I love the song and the message behind it.

Hope spring has put a spring in your step already! If not, maybe one of these songs will!

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