30 May 2015

Put A Sock in It: Hot Sox Review

I am not the typical person who wears socks in any kind of weather except for the fall or winter seasons. BUT, when it comes to the combination of bedtime and really really awesome socks, I will succumb.

I was given the opportunity to try out and review a pair of unique Hot Sox from SocksMax all thanks to Tomoson.
So of course I picked these beauties:

hotsox socks birth of venus cool

Don't they just look so neat and artsy? Of course, you can't really see Venus' head yet...but you get the picture so far. Which is...I love them! And you do too, right? I can see it on your face if not Venus'. The answer is YES. You might even say...you desire them... (You know what's coming don't you?)

(Sorry, I just had to throw this song in here.)

Back to business...

These socks went on comfortably, which I was worried about since my calves are a little large. The only problem was that the ankle was a little tight--which is actually really strange. I've never in my life had socks where the ankle part was tight. They did stretch easily, however, and the best part is that the top stayed up. Not one time did these socks start to fall down. MIRACULOUS. Thanks, Venus.

Really, truthfully, the one thing that actually bugged me about these socks was that I would probably never wear these out. Why? Because they have such a strange length going on about them. I know they're crew socks, but they need to be either a little shorter, or probably more reasonably, a little longer. If they were knee highs, they would be killer.

chilling with my venus socks hotsox

They're so cute (if you can't tell already), and even though I've really just worn them lounging around, I've gotten so many compliments. I've gotten picked on too, but those people have actually said they thought they're too funny or too unique not to be cool.

So, like socks that will give some stranger a chuckle or a grin? Maybe you're really into Venus and the color purple? Well then I'd say, with my professional unique sock advice, that you should check out the Venus (or other ridiculously cool socks) up for grabs at SocksMax--which are all about $8.00 by the way. GO GETCHA SOME.

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