31 December 2013

Influenster Jolly VoxBox

The Influenster Jolly VoxBox I received, free for testing, was full of useful yet pleasing items! 

The Skinny Cow candy, advertised with only 130 calories a "pouch," is a chocolate I've dug my face into quite a few times already (as you can probably tell) and it's delicious! With taste like that...especially considering there was yummy caramel inside mine...I can spare those calories every now and then. 

Some eye shadow was included, and although I was happy about that at first, I think it was because I thought it was Wet N' Wild. This is actually NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow. Phew. What a mouthful. I didn't find anything too extraordinary about it, my color I received being "Long Beach Sands." I wouldn't necessarily say that it's a bad product, it's just not anything I would pick up again, especially since it didn't stay on my lids long at all. 

And, going right along with the next beauty product... I got to try something I actually asked for as a Christmas gift but didn't receive--Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer, which I believe is pretty much the same formula as the Rimmel Apocalips? Either way, I was given the beautiful, rich pink color "Aurora." I love it! Especially when I apply some cream blush with it, it really takes my pale skin to a completely new level. 

The Puffs tissues I received were nice, especially because after using them, I was given the idea to buy another few packs to put inside the travel tissue holders I'm making as late Christmas gifts ;) 

When I saw I had some awesome Duck Tape (a Ducklings Mini Roll to be exact), I figured I could use it for my next home improvement task. It's a neat little pattern, although it reminds me of the '80s splat pattern you used to see everywhere! 

Overall, I can say I am pretty happy. I got some nice little goodies, and it was like opening a Christmas package--but that's how it ALWAYS is with Influenster. 

Are you a member of Influenster? 

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