19 December 2013

Christmas Is for the Dogs

I've come across so many wonderful images of dogs celebrating Christmas and wintertime that I just had to share the best from Pinterest with you all.

Note: The idea of this post (along with my mother's thoughts) has made me consider writing future "featured dog breed" blog posts. So I'm just going to go ahead and say it--I'm terribly sorry if you're not a dog person.

Look at the cute little scarves these pups get to show off! (They are probably really uncomfortable and really unhappy that their parents made them wear these extremely long collar things.)

A doe a deer a female deer!

I have an obsession with pugs. And pug hugs.

He's smiling because he just peed on that tree.

The Internet cannot get enough of Corgis. And neither can I--look at this cutie!

I just want to kiss him and tell him the holidays will be over soon.

And finally, if you refuse to go out in the cold, and you're too cute to dress up for the holidays, then simply stay inside underneath the covers:

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