12 December 2013

Thursday Threads: Magic Rendezvous

The main reason I like this little outfit that I've put together is because I really want this skirt. (And the purse because...look! there's an owl on the clasp.) I don't believe I've ever worn a skirt with tulle before, but this would be a perfect place to start, don't you think? The color is magical and the cute little sash just makes me want to grab some random baby's cheeks and SQUISH. 

I also would really want to try on that shirt because I've never worn anything with a peter pan collar, either. They were all over the place for a while, so much that I thought we were being overrun by Japanese school girls, but I think people are slowly backing away from them enough for the collars to become enjoyable again.

Can you believe every item on here is under $50? You gals better get on your tushes and grab some of these deals--especially the honey colored cardigan. You'll find out soon enough that I'm a cardigan connoisseur (not really), and that is a darling color that reminds me of vintage cardigan colors but still remains a color that is being shown off by everyone in style right now--particularly your indie folk. And loved by, well, everyone else as well. It's just a great color. 

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