06 December 2013

Upcoming Movies//Movies to Eyeball

I'm really psyched about a few upcoming films next month. As a major fan of all things cin-e-ma (said in a Jenna Maroney voice), I like to keep tabs on what to expect entertainment-wise so I'll know whether I should save up for movie tickets or shoes.

For those of you into comedy, Will Ferrell should be more or less familiar by now. And if you haven't quoted Anchorman--especially Steve Carell's character, Brick, then where DO you get your quotes...the toilet store?

You can either go there or to your local movie theater on December 18th to catch what's next in line for Ron Burgundy, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

As for the film that I've had my eyes on for over a month now and would love to see on the big screen, you can view the next Ben Stiller film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, on December 25th.

And of course, the "last but not least," we have the simply-titled Her, a Spike Jonze movie in which the main character (a mustached Joaquin Phoenix) begins to develop feelings for his new female-voiced operating system. I would love to see where Spike Jonze takes this movie. It is going to be more of a sci-fi, a sappy indie, or will it be another film demonstrating the horrors of technology?

We'll find out next year!

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