23 June 2016

Thursday Threads: Heat of the Moment

Thunderstruck by thezorya featuring ross simons earrings

It's been hot, humid, and let's face it--downright sticky. 
This outfit was inspired by me trying to find something I could wear casually for a date.

The cotton shirt is a must in this heat. Anything silky is just out of the question for me right now so I'm sticking to light fabrics; this top looks sweet and cool--especially with the fringe! 

I think nude heels with jeans are a great look right now, but these wedges really caught my eye. They just shout out summer to me! 

Lastly, to "spruce up" the outfit a bit, I added a nice clutch and drop earrings. It's not over-the-top but it does the trick. 

What would be your ideal outfit to wear for a summer date night?

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