12 October 2014

{Widened Horizons}

I've been craving a real statement piece of jewelry--a ring, in particular. I want one that looks nice when stacked upon, or when standing alone. I found this sunstone ring and immediately thought it was a "fall" kind of jewelry piece. I love the band and how it's almost fantasy-like. OH witchy ring...  
sunstone gem fall autumn ring

I used to own the frilliest, girliest day bed when I was young, and I still dream about it sometimes. Nothing, however, and I mean nothing compares to this Orwell day bed "with heavy quilted curtains which fold down easily insulating from sound and light." Doesn't that sound perfect?! If you're not already sold...take a gander...
day bed sound noise isolating awesome quilt
There are more wonderful pictures on the linked site, of course.
I just can't quit thinking about this damn bed ever since I spotted it the other day. Can I add it to my Amazon wishlist?

Fun fact about me: I love paisley prints. Another fun fact about me: I love brooches but never get to wear them. I spied this fun little autumn-reminiscent paisley brooch and had to share!
paisley flower brooch cute embroidered

You either love Betsey Johnson or you hate her. While I definitely think she goes overboard sometimes, consider me a big fan. I can definitely find some cute toned down goodies of hers at Ross or Stein Mart. I really love her scarves. I typically get the wild prints, but this buffalo check scarf in blue is just calling out to me.
betsey johnson scarf blue infinity

My favorite food that I've been gorging on lately? Pumpkin spice greek yogurt! Yes, yes, everything is pumpkin spice flavored now. But listen to me. This stuff is delicious. I normally am not a yogurt fan. It takes a lot of peer pressure and a lot of flavor to get me to down yogurt (it's a long story). But my mom came home the other day, toting these bright orange packages of Chobani yogurt, a little smirk on her face. She knows me too well. I am in love with yogurt again (OK, maybe just pumpkin spice yogurt). Check out a review about it here if you need even more of a kick in the rear to get you to go try it for yourself.
greek yogurt pumpkin spice chobani

The owl find this time around is jut ADORABLE. (And affordable.) I was drifting around Amazon's huge search list for "owl" items and came up with this hoodie. It only comes in size S/M so I'm out of the picture, but for any followers out there who are as owl crazy as me, I beg you, wear this and wear this proudly.
owl hoodie oh my gosh cute

Now please, go find a way to be happy today:
be happy always yourself

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