01 December 2014

Macabre Monday: Beneath

movie beneath horror film

Like any "inspired by true events" film, the intro starts us off with that reminder in bold text. 
However, many films that are "inspired" by true events are just that--inspired. This movie is no exception. So when I saw a tag underneath the film that said "supernatural," I knew something was up. 

Taking place in a coal mine after a horrific collapse, the regular miners, a rookie, and a daughter of a retiring miner all have to figure out how to stay alive until help arrives--which will be in 72 hours. 

The main character, Sam, who is the retiring coal miner's daughter (sorry but I had to), is out of her element, confused, and panicked. As she should be. 

With what one of the characters, Randy (Joey Kern: Cabin Fever, Super Troopers), keeps calling "bad air," comes the disappearance and the killings of the miners.

randy joey kern mine beneath

With no answer as to who may be the culprit, the miners are picked off one by one until there are only a few left.

It begins to seem like all the miners are hallucinating--and we know for sure that Sam is from the special effects that are presented.

What happens next, at the end, is stupid, mystifying, and confusing all at the same time. It's one of those "let the audience decide what really happened" kind of things. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

But really, it's definitely left an impression. Which is why I picked this film for today's Macabre Monday. It's been compared to the movie The Descent, which is huge in my book. Although, let's be real, The Descent is much better!

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