24 December 2014

UNi Argan Oil Review

While this organic UNi Argan Oil has many uses, I've mainly used it on my hands and on my face for the past month or so.

I did try it on my hair, but found it made it greasier. I don't know if that would have eventually evened itself out after a few more uses or not, but I wasn't ready to try since I have enough trouble trying to get the grease out as it is. (Dry shampoo, I love you.)

Although it claims to just have a "light nutty scent," my family members found the scent absolutely repulsive. My dad said I smelled like--and I'm quoting on his behalf--a dirty hippie. I actually didn't mind the scent, truth be told. Being completely honest, I kind of liked it. It gave off just a hint of an earthy scent. It wasn't pungent to me, or anything like my family members gave the impression of. Either my smeller is broken or something's up... (Although I did read some Amazon reviews where other people felt like the scent was pretty nasty too, just a head's up.)

I do like how the bottle comes with a little dropper. This way I don't have to worry about pouring too much into my hands, and it's just right for when I want a small amount for my cuticles. Yes, this stuff's great for your hands AND your cuticles!

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I didn't use a lot of it on my body other than my hands, but when I did, I used it on my ashy elbows and it always seemed to soak in quite well and last for a good time without having used more than a few drops of the oil. When using it on my hands, it always felt like a spa experience. Actually, anytime I used the Argan Oil it felt a bit like a spa experience. I hope if you use this stuff you'll say the same. Or if you've used it before, you'll agree. It was just so nice to have something that moisturized my hands without feeling too greasy or being too hard to work in--especially now that it's winter time.

The best part about this product for me was definitely using it as a moisturizer on my face. After taking a shower and making sure my face was nice, fresh, and clean, I would apply some of the Argan Oil all over my face (except for my lips, even though it says you can do so--I didn't like the taste). I tend to get dry patches lightly on my cheeks and heavily on my eyebrows, but after using the Argan Oil every time my face was clean, I noticed improvements in how much less I was using regular moisturizer when it came time to put on makeup.

This is 100% pure Argan Oil. Pure organic Argan Oil. So this is the good stuff.
And like I said before, there are so many uses for this product. From treating split ends, to reducing sunburns and rashes,  to even helping with psoriasis! 
My mother has eczema and very dry skin. I'm hoping to get her a bottle of her own so she can try the Argan Oil out for herself. 

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can click the link at the very top to take you to Amazon's website where you can check out how neat the product is, or you can take a look at the product at the actual website here.

*I received this product for free to review. All opinions above are honest and mine.

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